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Our Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

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Please read the following if you have an issue with the site and any of the content which is found within.

General Information
All information displayed within the confines of this site is as accurate as possible. At times, lapses may occur where old data is still presented. This will most likely occur when we do not know of any changes to the old information. We would appreciate visitors' input to help correct any outdated information contained in this site.

Directory Information
All information contained within the Local Services Directory was sourced by ourselves at the start. It is aimed at being the most current and up to date source of information for the area as possible. Changes will occur from time to time, such as businesses closing or relocating, change of phone numbers, new businesses opening up etc. Sometimes we may fall behind in updating our records. If you can contribute in any way by informing us of any mistakes, or even omissions, please let us know.

Auxiliary Services
This site incorporates 3rd Party software as part of its service to you, the site visitor. These include the Discussion Forums (using phpBB2), and Picture Gallery (4ImagesTM, based on similar php open source programming). Tullamore Life & Community is not responsible for these programmes operating efficiency. However, we work tirelessly everyday to make sure the experience is optimised by having the latest updates and versions in place.

Discussion Forums Content
The Discussion Forums are open to everybody, anywhere in the world. As a result, they are open to abuse by unscrupulous people. A team of Moderators visit the site daily to ensure no erroneous material has been posted.
Tullamore Life & Community is not responsible for the actions, comments, or words of others. There is zero tolerance for material of a pornographic nature, or posts containing slanderous, derogatory, and/or insulatory comments towards fellow forum users and/or known people. Where possible, key bad language phrases will be automatically locked out in submitted posts. The Moderators will do all they can, as soon as possible, to stamp out such behaviour. If you notice anything that requires our immediate attention, please let us know.

Advertising content
IF APPLICABLE, all content submitted as part of an advertising agreement is accepted in good faith. Any and all content displayed is done so on behalf of the paying customer. The same content does not reflect any endorsements, habits, or opinions of Tullamore Life & Community i.e. we detach ourselves from all advertised content.

Welcome Page Events
This feature on the initial page of this site is free from commercial advertising, and is only available to charitable groups, special interest concerns, community and welfare bodies, and clubs and societies. It excludes political parties, commercial bodies, and individual personal notices.

Personal Opinions
Unless otherwise stated, no content whatsoever contained within the website is the opinion of the creators behind Tullamore Life & Community. Any political, social, helpful, or otherwise content is specific to its source. We do not endorse any products advertised, we do not promote any political bodies, we are not motivated by social disorder of the content displayed. This site is purely to act as an informative and helpful resource for everyone, everywhere, from every walk of life.

Submitted Content
Any content submitted to us either directly via e-mail, or through the contact form(s) on this site, is treated with the strictest confidence. All submitted e-mail address might receive a monthly bulletin from us regarding updates and additions, but other wise will not receive any unsolicited mailings of offers, news, requests, or other.
All information submitted when registering on to the Forums or Gallery WILL NOT be copied or taken off the databases for any reason. Your privacy is guaranteed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

We hope you enjoy your visit here!

-Seanie Morris, Creator of Tullamore Life & Community,
July 10th 2007.


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