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This is where you get to share your photographic moments with visitors. You will be directed to the online Tullamore Life & Community online gallery in a moment. But first, some things you should know.
Tullamore Life and Community Galleries

Share pictures online with Tullamore Life & Community, much like what you probably already know about with flickr, Bebo, and MySpace. To use the gallery is similar to using the forums. You can freely view the content, but to actively take part, you need to register. There are guidelines in place on how to use the forums, and every submission attempt must enter a keycode during the process in order to verify that a human being, and not a spambot, is uploading a (genuine) image.

Do not add pictures if:

• It contains pornographic material
• It contains scenes of a violent nature
• It contains scenes of a derogatory sense, either to humans or animals
• It contains offensive language or gestures

If you are unsure whether a picture can be submitted or not, do not worry - all images are validated first by our administrators prior to being released or included in the online gallery. Therefore, your picture may not appear immediately, so please be patient! If you have any queries, please get in touch with us.


Conditions of use:

• Tullamore Life & Community reserves the right, at all times, to remove and/or delete a picture from public view, or even the database, if it is deemed to go against the basic rules set out above.
• Any offensive pictures of a serious nature may even be handed over to the relevant authorities.
• All pictures will generate a thumbnail as part of the viewing feature of the gallery, which act as a link to the larger picture.
• All thumbnails also appear, individually, at random on the homepage.
• For any queries, please get in touch.


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