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Cleaning Services

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Cleaning Services
Below is a list of Cleaning Service providers. It is as up to date as possible. To add or correct any details below, please let us know. All below are listed in alphabetical order, and NOT preference.


Contract Cleaners:

Ballard, Collen
Clonmore Clareen Birr Offaly
Tel: (057) 9131099

Cleaning Doctor - Kevin Dunne
Toberleheen Ballinagar Tullamore Offaly
Tel: (057) 9350014

Evans Cleaning Services
Derryhill Tullamore Offaly
Tel: (057) 9341508

Heffernan, Colum
2 Thornsberry Est Tullamore Offaly
Tel: (057) 9321567

Removit Cleaning Services
Ballydownan Geashill Tullamore Offaly
Tel: (057) 9343558


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