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11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Can Do with a Soda Drink

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Carbonated drinks are known around the world for their unique taste and thirst-quenching properties. A nice, cold glass of this drink never fails to lift spirits, especially on a hot day. However, over the years, people have found more helpful and interesting uses at home for the carbonated drink.

Do you know that you can use cola to get bloodstain off your shirt or polish brass, or clean your home? Sure, nothing beats the assistance and service of a trusted cleaning expert, such as MC Janitorial, when it comes to getting rid of unwanted stains on your driveway or toilet bowls, but you can make things more fun.

Here are some unusual carbonated drink hacks you can try at home:

Break Down Your Compost

Even a flat soda is still useful around the house. Just pour a can of the flat soda over your compost pile. The acid and sugar will help speed up material decay.

Remove Gum In Your Hair

Before you reach for a pair of scissors to cut off hair with gum, reach for a can of soda first. Soaking hair in a carbonated drink for five minutes helps take the gum out without losing any of your precious locks.

Make an Actual Battery

We’ve all heard about how soda can be used to clear battery terminals of rust and corrosion. But did you know that you can turn on an LED light with a few cans of soda? Cool, right?

Loosen Stuck Bolts

We all know how much of a pain it is to loosen stubbornly stuck bolts. If you’re fresh out of Liquid Wrench or PB B’laster, grab a can of soda. The rust will react to the drink’s phosphoric acid and free those bolts.

Relieve Bug Stings

Ever got stung by a bee or a jellyfish? It sucks, right? Well, the next time you end up on their bad side, pour some cola on the bite or sting area to help relieve the pain.

Clean Mirrors and Windows

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The acid in Coke works extremely well with grime on windows and mirrors. Just be sure to rinse it off afterwards to wash away the stickiness.

Remove Paint

The chemical makeup in the drink makes for a good paint remover.

Clean Eyeglasses

Similar to what it can do for mirrors and windows, soda cleans unwanted stains and grime off your specs. Just be sure to rinse with water to get rid of the stickiness.

Ward Off Bugs

Aside from snails and slugs, soda’s sweet syrupy mixture attracts ants that feed on the larva of other crop-plaguing pests. It is reported that farmers in India now use soft drinks as a pesticide as they are cheaper than actual pesticides.

Give Photos a Vintage Look

Soda drink can give your photos that classic vintage-look with its caramel color. Just dip a photo in a pan filled with soda to come up with a nice sepia print.

Clean Chrome

Mythbusters gave this a shot and found that when used with aluminum foil, soda works a lot better than the leading commercial chrome cleaner.

Before you start hoarding cola, it is important to note that the manufacturers of this drink do not endorse any alternative use to their products. Neither do they deny any claim of its effectiveness. Proceed at your own risk. If you decide not to follow these hacks, you still have several cans of a refreshing drink for your parties.

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