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4 Features School Websites Should Maximize In The Age of Online Classes

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As schools need to adapt to the digitizing of education in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, websites have become more important than ever. Not only is it the go-to portal of information for students, but it is also the key for offices to continue serving the student body. For instance, people can process their documents and enroll using the website. With the right features, transactions can be made easier without having to physically visit the school.


Nowadays, it’s not just computers that have stable access to the internet, as mobile data increasingly grows faster and more dependable. Additionally, smartphones should as well be considered as handy-dandy computers. In 2018, 52.2% of webpages were accessed on mobile. By 2025, 72.6% of internet users are projected to browse the internet using their smartphones alone. More importantly, 96% of 18-to-29-year-olds own a smartphone.

With the presence of incredibly powerful smartphones and tablets, browsing needs to be accessible on every screen. Therefore, schools should invest in front-end development services to make their website adaptive to a wide range of screen sizes, resolutions, and browsers.

Easy navigation

Navigation allows website visitors to quickly locate what they need. People on the internet do not have much patience because they’re used to getting answers in a matter of milliseconds. Because of this, they would rarely stick around to look for the information they need.

This includes laying out a comprehensive site map that consists of the main functions and information of the website as well as the topics that fall under it. For example, the main text on the menu bar is “Courses,” and in the drop-down menu is the list of courses offered by the school. This is what 94% of people would love to see on a website.

News Updates

With the truly unpredictable events taking place around the world, almost anything is subject to change without prior notice. Aside from this, a news updates section on a school website is a great place to post the achievements of the institution. This can also be a place where visitors can find resources for future references and that the website is functioning because of recent activities. Lastly, it benefits SEO ranking and builds an online presence.

Contact Details

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Contact details for schools are a little more intricate, as there is different information per office. There are various places on the website to display the phone number, email address, fax number, etc. of the pages. For example, there can be a main “Contact Us” link on the navigation, and the page can collate all the information in a list. The primary contact details of the school can also be displayed on the footer. If each office has a page on the website, their particular details can be posted there, too, so visitors can find it right away.

By providing a good user experience, website visitors will be satisfied with the information they receive. In return, the personnel won’t have to entertain as much inquiry, making their job a breeze and allowing them to focus on bigger tasks. Students can also safely practice social distancing if regular transactions can be done online.

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