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Answering Business Calls: Why Your Company Should Have It

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There was a time when everyone did business in person or over the phone. That is no longer the case today. Digital communication in the form of emails, social media, and apps is faster and more efficient. It is also impersonal, which is why businesses today still give out telephone numbers.

You cannot overstate the importance of answering the phone for your business. If your customers call you, you should take the time to answer them. If this is not always possible because you have too many calls or you are not always available, have a business call answering service in place. It could be an in-house service using a hosted or self-hosted VoIP system or a third-party answering service. The point is you must invest, and here are the top reasons to do so.

The Personal Touch

People put a premium on the personal touch. If they call to inquire and expect to talk to a person, they will not be satisfied with anything else. If they get voice mail or an automated voice response, they might hang up and call the next supplier on the list.  On the other hand, if your business is the first to answer the call personally, then you got a good lead.

The main thing with personal calls is that the caller gets immediate feedback. It might be an answer to an inquiry, a resolution to an issue, or a request to schedule an appointment. Whatever the case, the caller has instant response, and that is important to many people. Even if you do not personally respond, having a person do it for you is usually enough.

The Work Connection

The personal touch is also important when communicating with suppliers and employees. Establishing a personal connection with your suppliers can help you get better deals, for one. It can also increase productivity and boost morale.

If you have people out on the field or working remotely, a VoIP system is particularly useful. You can have video and teleconferencing features. Several people can work together without having to be present physically.

Personal calls are also more confidential than email or text messages. If the issues under discussion are sensitive or private, the person-to-person exchange is vital.

The Voice Factors

answering business calls

However, just having a person answer the call is not going to work all the time. You also need to make sure that the person answering the phone has the right attitude and information. This can have a significant impact on brand perception. Most people usually stick to their first impressions. If the person answering a call for your business does not sound professional or friendly, it can leave a wrong impression on the caller. On the other hand, if the caller likes the way the call goes, they are more likely to go through with a transaction.

If you want to make sure you make a good first impression, choose to do your calls in-house. You can give representatives proper training and instructions when handling calls. This is not always possible when dealing with a third-party service.

The business call answering service is an integral part of your setup. Establishing that personal connection with your customers, suppliers, and employees through voice calls can have a big impact on success.

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