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Authenticity: One of the Best Tools in Content Marketing

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Consumers these days are much more meticulous when it comes to seeking content about the products they want to purchase or the brands they want to patronize. Because so many people are becoming more aware of marketing ploys, peppering your website with content just for the sake of having content won’t work.

They want to read content that will inform, educate, and enlighten them. They are more loyal to companies that genuinely cater to their needs. This is why authenticity is the name of the game in today’s content marketing.

So, whatever product or service you are selling, whether it is a facial cleansing foam, vacation home rental, or cloud-based document management software, you need to know how to provide authentic content. Here’s how.

Start a conversation

By simply interacting with your customers through social media, you’ll be able to establish an authentic connection with them. If you’re using Instagram for your content marketing, for example, comment on some of your followers’ posts to let them know that you’re interested in what they’re saying.

Make it meaningful

If you’re going to write an article related to your product, make sure that you’re giving your audience something that they can learn from or be enlightened with.

One company known to have been successful in providing meaningful content is Airbnb. The online home rental platform once ran a campaign that focused more on its partners than on the business. It posted video clips of the people who rented out their homes to travelers.

In those clips, the audience got to see the hosts talk about their hometown and what visitors could expect traveling in those places. Rather than sharing the success story of the company, Airbnb focused more on the essence of the business, which is to let tourists experience foreign places like a local.

The campaign was a success, boosting the company’s presence in social media and eventually leading to higher revenues for them.

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Bridge the gap

Another way to provide authenticity in your content marketing is to make yourself visible among your customers. If you happen to be the CEO or president of your company, for example, you can attract more people to your business by increasing your presence on social media.

You can share a video clip on YouTube or Instagram, where you can discuss the humble beginnings of your company. Or, you can share with your audience the recent successes of your business and the hurdles your team had to overcome in order to succeed.

Better yet, share with consumers the people who have helped your company grow and thrive, and those are your employees. People will find your company much more appealing if you show them that you appreciate the efforts of your employees in helping your business become successful.

Authenticity is one of the most effective tools in content marketing today. It’s primarily because consumers prefer companies that they can trust. There’s no better way to earn their trust than by showing them that you see them more than just people you’d want to sell things to.

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