Be Free: Chip the Debt Off

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Money matters. That is the reality of life. You work to earn it so you can bring food to your table, shop for the clothes you want, and keep the lights on. It can be difficult sometimes, but you have to keep going. What is important is to not let it control you, and the best way to do that is to be wise with your spending. There are a few folks who fall to the wayside by getting into some dark deals. One day they might find themselves needing a drug possession defense attorney if ever they cross paths with the long arm of the law.

Spending can add up. Even people who do not seem so frivolous can end up having debt if they are not too careful. Do not let the amount of money that you owe add up, for as long as you have that, you will feel that always looming on the horizon. Here are some pieces of advice that might help if you find yourself caught in the shackles of debt.


Debt can be crippling. Whenever you get that credit card bill or loan payment notification, it is understandable for you to feel this immense pressure building on your shoulders. You have to assess where you spend the most and find out which ones you have to cut off. There may be a need for you to unsubscribe to monthly services like cable, or hold back on buying new clothes. Yes, it can be frustrating to have to limit yourself to what you can or cannot spend on. But the reality is, you do not have much choice. Your debt will hold you back further if you do not take action. You will find that adding a few sacrifices here and there will be worth it in the long run, as you get financial freedom in return.

Tackling the Debt Head-on

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Now that you have dedicated yourself to some sacrifices, it is time to tackle the debt head-on. First, you have to plan for your strategy. Write down pertinent details about your debt, like how many credit cards or bank loans are you paying for, or do you have people who you owe money to. It is important to put things on paper to keep your brain organized, otherwise good ideas will just float away and be forgotten.

Take a look at what you have written in front of you, and start thinking of how to tackle it. Given that you are dealing with debt, you most likely can only take on the smaller amounts first. You need to get some quick wins so you can get a nice momentum going. Later, you will find yourself chipping off that mountain in front of you. You can also look into getting your debt consolidated if things look manageable. This will help lessen any confusion that’s left and will keep you focused on your goal. Before you know it, you have overcome your financial adversary.


Once you have freed yourself from debt, do not let that go to waste by putting in a plan to sustain your success. Your next target should be financial stability, and that can be achieved by focusing on saving. At this point, you should already know about the valuable lessons that you learned from handling debt. It is fine to continue to live a frugal life if it means it can give you extra funds.

Saving also needs planning. If you already have a good rhythm going on with that, you can start thinking about splitting the money that you save into different buckets. You must have one each for emergencies, needs, and then wants. That would be the basic plan. If you want to modify it, make sure to keep the first two intact as priorities.

Do not worry too much about being in debt, many people are experiencing it right now. But that does not mean you have to be complacent about it. Aim to eliminate it, and give yourself a timeline you think you can handle, and be on top of it. Being financially free is one of the best accomplishments you can achieve in life.

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