Busting Grease: Keeping Your Kitchen Hood Clean

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In the “How Thick Layers Of Restaurant Grease Are Cleaned | Deep Cleaned | Insider” YouTube video, Jay Lopez, the owner of Cleannex, sheds light on the critical process of how kitchen equipment cleaning services clean kitchen exhaust systems in restaurants, focusing on the fan, duct, and hood where grease accumulates in thick layers. The cleaning procedure initiates with the fan, addressing the grease layers with a high-end degreaser containing potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide, effectively melting the accumulated grease. The meticulous process of kitchen equipment cleaning services extends to the duct, a highly susceptible area to grease buildup, employing a magnetic duct scraper and hot water for thorough removal.

Moving on, the hood and filters, serving as the primary defense against grease accumulation, undergo a comprehensive cleaning using duct spinners, foam agents, and degreasers. Lopez emphasizes the adherence to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 96 guidelines, emphasizing that the cleaning frequency is tailored to the kitchen’s cooking style and volume.

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Occasional facilities may require annual cleanings, while high-volume kitchens could necessitate more frequent cleanings—ranging from weekly to monthly—to mitigate the risks of hazardous grease buildup and potential fire hazards. The expert underscores the significance of this cleaning process in preventing fire incidents caused by grease ignition, highlighting the importance of a systematic approach and adherence to safety guidelines.


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