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Comfort First: How to Make Your House Safe and Functional for a Family Member with Disability

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The inability to move independently shouldn’t restrict a person from living a good life. Despite their situation, you can help make things better for them. Remodeling the house for it to become safe and functional is already an act of love. Buying power recliners for your Salt Lake City, Utah home is also a nice thing to do for them. There are more ways you can help them live a better life. Here are some of those:

Creating a Haven at Home

  • Make things functional, but still safe in general. First, for homes with multiple levels, you can install stairlifts or elevators to make your home more accessible. Second, put power recliners in rooms your family member with disability frequents. Power recliners are automatic so it will move up and down by just pushing a button, unlike manual recliners where you have to exert effort to move it. Third, consider putting a toilet riser because it’s easier to rise up from the toilet using it. This is useful for someone who is only disabled from the waist down. This will help them go from the toilet seat to their wheelchair.
  • Make the doors wider so wheelchairs can pass by easily. This is also useful if a family member uses walkers. Moreover, you should downsize your furniture. You’ll need a lot of space for the wheelchair to avoid bumping into anything. Clutter becomes a problem when you have a family member with a disability. They can bump into stuff a lot, which may even cause injuries if they’re sharp or solid. Their disabilities limit their capacity to avoid whatever is on their path. That’s why it’s better to clean up, downsize, and declutter.
  • A ramp going to the doorway is ideal for someone who uses a wheelchair. In fact, using an automatic one is an easier way to travel around. This is helpful, especially if no family member — who can carry your loved one with a disability — is around.
  • Putting grab bars can do the trick, but that is if your loved one can still use their arms properly and could still hold a grip. These bars can help them walk or transfer to their wheelchair when they’re in the toilet or other areas they frequent.
  • There are times when you can’t look after your loved one. After all, you have many other responsibilities to attend to, from work to your own family (if you have one). For this reason, you should make your kitchen accessible to them. Put food, water, and utensils in places they can reach easily so they don’t go hungry.
  • Lastly, keep the house comfortable. Put bright lights for better vision. Keep the house warm (or where they are) if they get cold a lot. Use appliances that they can operate and make sure they have access to a phone in case of emergency.

helping family that has a disability

Keeping the house safe and comfortable for your family member with a disability is a way to show your love and support for them. There are times when they will deny your help because they want to feel strong, but still, include them in making decisions when buying the things they need. Remember that it’s going to be a long road, but making the house function for everyone is something you’ll be thankful for in the future.

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