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CompTIA Certification 101: Common Rescheduling FAQs Answered

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A few test centers have openings for students that would like to change their exam dates. While you may be considering this option, remember that the testing institution will require you to provide a substantial reason why you are rescheduling your exam dates. With some of these test centers, you can do the rescheduling by calling them, filling an online query form, or contacting them through a live chat. You can also do that from your student’s account and follow the steps that your Network Plus N10-007 test center outlines. Moreover, consider the following FAQs:

Is there a fee to pay for rescheduling?

Yes. Rescheduling, especially late rescheduling, can often inconvenience the test program that your test center has in place. It is for that reason, besides encouraging early preparation for the CompTIA tests, that the test centers charge you a fee when you reschedule the tests. These fees, however, may vary among CompTIA test centers. They may also vary depending on how late you apply for rescheduling before the appointed exam time.

How will one tell that the rescheduling has been successful?

People answering an examIf you reschedule your exam online, your test center will provide you with a detailed summary of the rescheduled appointment. They will also send you an email for you to confirm that it is you who have applied for the rescheduling, with all the changed details that you want to take into effect. If you cannot find the confirmation email, inquire from your test center if the rescheduling has been successful.

What does the rescheduling cover?

Typically, CompTIA does not allow or have provisions for rescheduling exams. The only rescheduling that you can do is for the test registration. If you already register for the test and cannot sit for the exam, you might need to register to redo the test later. Note that, the registration fee is typically not transferable. Moreover, most CompTIA test centers only allow you to apply for rescheduling at least a day before the set exam registration time. Once you register for your CompTIA exam, start preparing sufficiently to sit for it.

What are the best revision methods to use?

Ideally, you can use any exam revision technique that you have used before and given you positive results. Some of these can include using mnemonics, flashcards, and practice tests. For the Network Plus N10-007, in particular, you will find building networks using a virtual platform to help prepare for the exam. That actuates the objectives that you have been learning into steps that you can relate to easily and quickly. Hence, during your exam, it will be easy to recall how every network device links to the other since you practically have interacted with them.

Can you sit for CompTIA exams online? Yes. Since most people cannot access physical test centers, CompTIA offers provisions for taking the tests online. You, however, should state, when registering for the CompTIA program, whether you will be taking online CompTIA exams online. If so, your test center will provide you with all the log-in details to access your student’s portal from which you will take your exams. For online tests, every question will have set times within which you should provide an answer.

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