Developing Your Child’s Talents in the Age of Technology

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Many people have discussed the question of whether talent is innate or acquired. With the latest advancement in the scientific field, more and more people are now inclined to believe that talent is indeed acquired rather than predominantly innate. Hence, nurture wins over nature.

With talent being favored as something that can be acquired, parents and guardians are encouraged to develop the talents of their young. However, with all the distractions brought about by video games and other technological devices, encouraging children to nurture their talents has been quite tricky.

Attention span in the age of technology has drastically declined, with two years old having only an average attention span of four to six minutes. Despite the decline of the attention span of children, parents like you could still make a difference.

Here are some ways to unleash your child’s talent despite the current technological distraction:

Don’t Rush Things

One of the mistakes of parents often commit is they are also distracted. Yes, parents get easily distracted not by technology but by their belief that their children are special and should be a standout.

As a result of such a belief, most parents become impatient and too pushy. Parents tend to rush things and the learning process. Instead of enrolling their child into early child care centers, some would bypass this stage, thinking their children can do more. Most parents would even rely only on technology and neglect the importance of the traditional learning system.

Although some parents succeed in rearing a superstar with such a process, most of the time, children are pushed to their breaking point. Instead of rushing, why not let your child enjoy the process of learning.

Instill a Sense of Sacrifice and Perseverance

Whether it is painting, learning to play musical instruments, or even being good in a particular sport, you must instill on your child’s mind the essence of grit. Tell your children that to be good at something, sacrifices have to be made, such as limiting time with gadgets for more practice sessions.

Apart from the sacrifice, it would also be better to encourage your children never to give up when it comes to learning new things. As a parent, you should realize that to hone the talent of your child, practice and perseverance are a must. You should become the source of strength for your children.

Let Your Child Lead the Way

To unleash the true potential of your child, you should avoid becoming a stumbling block. Never be the source of delay and hesitation when it comes to your children’s interest.

This means that parents should let their children discover or explore their genuine interests in life. Although most of the parents would like for their children to follow their footsteps, it would be counterintuitive to do so.

Let your child be the captain of his ship. Your role as a parent is to guide (not to dictate) and to support (not to criticize). By doing so, you will be boosting your child’s confidence, which he would surely need as he continues to develop not just his or her talents but also his whole being.

However, this does not mean that total autonomy should be given to your child. Remember, your child is still pure and innocent. Always be there to guide your child and distinguish what is right from wrong, such as video game addiction.

Expert Instruction

Despite the character development that you give your child, you should also take into consideration the expert instruction your child needs. You have to admit the fact that your expertise in a particular field is limited.

If your child has an inclination for singing, and you are not that good at singing, it would be best to look for a voice coach to hone your child’s talent at an early age. Whether it is a voice coach or a piano instructor, the crux of the matter is that you should let experts continue the development process of your child’s talent.

Foster Strong Parent-child Relationships

At the very end of the day, you should never neglect to bond with your child. No matter how many experts you will hire to encourage your child to unleash his talents, nothing beats a strong parent-child relationship.

When your child tells you something about his or her goal, you should be attentive and responsive. And if he or she has committed a mistake, be there to encourage him. By being calm during conflicts and setbacks, your child will be reassured.

That is why when it comes to your bonding moments, never let technology interfere. Leave any devices outside your room and connect to your child on a personal level.

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