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Find the Best Services for Your Budget with a bit of Online Sleuthing

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Have you ever found yourself staring blankly at a Google’s search results page, because you’re not able to find the right business or service you’re looking for? There may be quite a lot of search results, but what if none of them fits your budget? Along with that budget consideration, finding a specific business or service online without any clue where to start is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, there are several “magnets” that you can use to find that needle, and it can greatly reduce the time you waste on your search.

Be Very Descriptive

Even if you  have no name to start your search with, the second best thing to do is be very descriptive. Search engines have evolved to accommodate all kinds of search queries. Just input whatever you think would help describe the product or service that you are searching. Adjectives like “affordable,” “free” as well as terms like “free trial,” “sign up,” and more can help expand your search. This way, you’re not casting your net in a very big ocean, instead, you have a target in mind and your descriptions help the search engines narrow down the results for you.

Search Based on Your Intention

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If you’re looking for a product or service with a specific budget in mind, your searches should signal that you are already interested in “buying” and not just seeking new information about whatever it is you are searching for. This way, you can do away with results that won’t really help, such as general information sites, wiki sites, and more. For example, when it comes todentist search engine optimization, you want to be able to describe the specific service you want. Are you interested in prophylaxis? Are you in the market for wisdom tooth extraction? Or are you interested in getting braces, perhaps? If you’re not clear with your intent, you will still get general results like what a dentist is, what educational background is needed for the job, and other “useless” information for you.

Go Beyond First Page, and Check Images, Too

Now that you’ve typed in your query, it’s time for you to check the results. If you’re not satisfied with what you see on the first page, don’t change the query just yet. There are still search results pages, with hundreds and even thousands of results to sift through. The first search results page is often full of general information pages, as well as paid ads that get displayed before the actual search results. This just leaves you with a handful of results displayed on the first page. Go and check the succeeding pages, too, and you might see what you’re looking for there.

Now, if you’re stuck and you don’t know what to do, you can also check the image results, and perhaps see something that piques your interest. Image results are now getting optimized so that the right pictures show up with the appropriate queries. This way, even when you check the image results, you’re guaranteed that you’re seeing the most relevant ones first. You also won’t miss great infographics which are usually in an image format.

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