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First Aid in the Workplace: The Value of Training Your Employees

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Apart from manufacturing plants, we seldom think of accidents in a typical office environment. Nonetheless, accidents do happen, and it does not choose any given place nor time. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics even showed that in 2018 alone, around 2.9 million workplace injuries and accidents occurred.

Although the reported cases did not result in any fatalities, workplace accidents can negatively impact workforce morale negatively. It also affects your overall company productivity, and it can increase costs. Thus, here are some reasons why your office employees should be given first-aid training.

Reduction of Workplace Accidents

Accidents and injuries can happen anywhere, even in your workplace. And since these are common occurrences, business owners should provide ample amounts of countermeasures against them. With proper first-aid training for your employees, they can respond with proficiency for any co-worker who is hurt.

Help Save Lives

This reason is pretty evident: with first aid, you can save lives. There are plenty of accidents and injuries that result in even more drastic consequences because of untimely responses. With your employees trained to give first aid, someone can immediately attend to any accident or injury.

Fast Response Time

During an emergency, an immediate first aid response could help prevent exacerbating any injury. Employees trained to give first aid know what steps to take whenever an emergency arises. They are also more confident in administering any first aid procedure with the help of their training.

Foster Positive Office Culture

Giving first aid training to your employees shows that your company cares for their wellbeing. Working in a safe office environment boosts employee morale. And as we know it, employee morale is integral to a company’s success. Happier and more satisfied employees are more productive in their tasks.

Safer Workplace

First aid education emphasizes the value of practicing safety at all times to help prevent any emergencies. A more safety-conscious work environment reminds employees to observe caution when doing even the most basic task. It also provides peace of mind to everyone.

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Proper Use of First Aid

With first aid training, your employees know exactly the contents of a first aid kit and how to maintain it properly and how to use it efficiently in case of an emergency. They would also be aware of its location, allowing quick access. Your employees become unofficial health and safety managers.

Lower Cost

As compared to the expenses to cover for an employee’s medical bills in case, they get into an accident or sustain an injury during work, paying for first aid training is considerably cheaper. Furthermore, the financial impact of workplace accidents and injuries does not stop with medical bills. It could also lead to costly lawsuits.

Safer Home Environment

The application of workplace first aid training extends even beyond offices. Ample knowledge of how to administer first aid makes your employees a more valuable member of society as their first aid training could help save the lives of any friend or family member who figures in an accident at home.

Wonderful Team Building Exercise

First aid training can also be your company’s way of boosting office camaraderie by serving as a team-building exercise. When your employees have an opportunity to get together, up close and personal, they tend to hold down barriers. You can help strengthen office teamwork with first aid classes.

Peace of Mind

Lastly, with regular first aid and emergency response training, your employees are less likely to panic during a stressful situation such as an accident. You also provide enough self-confidence and peace of mind to your workforce that they too, can provide a quick and competent response during an emergency.

For a business that is truly dedicated to ensuring the safety and health of its employees, you may also opt to enroll your workers in EMT courses. Though it may mean additional expenses, the return of your investment is all worth it.

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