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Get the Job Done: Job-Hunting during the Pandemic

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Many businesses needed to temporarily or permanently close down since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many working professionals have lost their jobs during this global health crisis. Due to this, a lot of citizens have been left looking for new opportunities to fund their everyday expenses.

Nowadays, it may have started being difficult to find a new job or to begin a new venture. The health crisis paired with the economic decline has become a hindrance to the success of many individuals and companies.

It is important to remember the pointers you need to follow when looking for a job during this difficult time.

Pointers for Job Hunters

Being on the lookout for a new job means you need to be prepared for whatever comes your way during the job-hunting process. In most situations, it is better to seem overqualified than the counterpart.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when looking for a new job opportunity.

In looking for a new job nowadays, it might still be tempting to look for the “perfect opportunity” that suits your usual criteria of a good job. While you should not tolerate a toxic workplace, you also should not be too picky during this time of crisis. Be open-minded when seeking new opportunities so that you can open more new doors that can widen your horizon.

Keep your resume updated. This is most important when applying for a new job with many unemployed battling it out for the same position. Make sure your resume stands out by highlighting your skills well. RPL certification qualifications may also be of interest to you if you need an institution to vouch for your skills.

When job-hunting, make the process a priority. It should be almost like your second job. Invest all your time and energy into finding new ways to open new doors for yourself. This much hard work may come as an advantage to you so make sure you set your priorities straight.

Prepare for the tough interview questions way ahead of your interview schedule. It may seem easier because everything will be virtual nowadays but interview questions can still put you on the spot and catch you off guard. Don’t let this keep you from bagging a good job opportunity.

Although you are trying to “sell” yourself well to your potential employer, the same goes for them. Try to make a good deal when it comes to integrating a good work-life balance into your work schedule. This is especially important during this pandemic when stress and anxiety can pile up and affect our motivation and productivity.

These are some pointers to remember when job hunting during the pandemic. It is important to note that aside from these pointers, the common tips still apply such as dressing well for an interview and being professional in mannerisms and conduct even via phone call.

As we deal with the current health crisis, it is important for us to maintain a healthy relationship with our work schedule and workload.

Achieving Work-Life Balance


Staying at home may have seemed like a dream to behold before the pandemic but as we progress further into the pandemic black hole, we are slowly discovering the difficulties that working from home provides. While there are difficulties to working from home, this does not mean that they are unavoidable.

Here are ways to avoid burnout when working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When working from home, try to have a set routine to follow each workday. Wake up early in the morning for work and sleep well at night so that your body maintains a work rhythm that could help you stay productive.

Make sure your workspace is clutter-free and dedicated to office work only. It is important to keep distractions away from your workspace. Try not to work in your bedroom to avoid the temptation of lying down during your breaks. You wouldn’t want to oversleep through a meeting.

The key to maintaining good teamwork despite working remotely is having good communication. Stay connected with colleagues and managers to make sure everyone is on board with certain projects and policies. This connection could also serve as your support system throughout your work hours.

These are some ways to avoid remote work burnout during the pandemic. It is important to keep these in mind to avoid unnecessary stress and friction between colleagues and even family members.

Job hunting during the global health crisis may be a difficult process but it is a necessary one. Push yourself into diligently finding new opportunities in every nook and cranny possible. Don’t disregard any opportunity that comes your way because it might just be your ticket to success.

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