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Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Collateral with These Tips

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In today’s digital age, most marketing efforts happen online. And the more companies do this, the more saturated the digital space gets. Let’s talk about printed marketing collateral.

This old marketing technique saw digital saturation as an opening to rise up again. The old is slowly becoming the new trend now. As a savvy small business owner, you take this chance to gain an edge over your competitors in Kansas City.

You have your marketing collateral ready. All you need to do is send it to printing companies. But before you do, ask yourself: “Is this the best I can do?”

Check your marketing collateral again to see if it observes the best practices below.

Focus Your Copy on Your Customer, Not You

Gone are the days when brands only talked about themselves. Thanks to the Internet and its wealth of data, modern marketers learned that pure promotion doesn’t sell. You have to make your customers the focus of your content.

How? Know your audience on a deeper level. What are their problems and challenges that need a solution? Who influences them to make a buying decision? You must provide a solution to their specific pain points. Find out how your product or service can help them. Then, tailor your marketing copy to appeal to different audiences.

The goal is to make your customers and prospects see why they should care about you. And talking about them is key.

Include Visual Aids

In digital marketing, visuals aid you in telling your story. In fact, people remember 65% of the information they see for three days when paired with a relevant image. This can be applied in printed marketing collateral. Include infographic, graphs, figures, and relevant images to your brochures.

Choosing the appropriate branded colors and fonts also help get your message across. These are important for eye appeal, readability, and comprehension. When writing copies, keep it short and easily digestible. Use bullets and subheads to allow skim reading for other readers.

Make It Interactive

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How do you make the most of your printed media?

Use it to direct customers and prospects online. It is still on your website and social media where the majority of your marketing efforts take place. At the end of the day, printed marketing collateral serves as a tool to get customers checking you online. Here are some ways to make your marketing collateral more interactive:

QR Code. This allows your target audience to find you online. With a quick scan, they can go to your website where more information about your products or services can be found.

• Social Media. Continue the conversation online. Include social media icons and tags where you post more engaging content.

• Calls-to-Action. Tell your audience what they need to do next. Aside from links to your online channels, you may also include your contact details.

Yes, combining modern and traditional marketing is key to your campaign’s success. While it’s true that print media is retaking its place, digital marketing remains the main player when it comes to market reach. Consider the print media best practices above to strengthen your digital marketing campaign.

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