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Green Thumbs Not Needed: Landscaping Ideas for Homeowners

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Homeowners who take great pride in their house will do their best to make sure that it looks as impressionable as possible. They decorate their interior according to their preferences and make sure that it stands out when accommodating guests.

Visitors will certainly have their own first impressions of your home when entering your property. However, it isn’t influenced entirely by the interior of your home. Recent research suggests that the top three things people notice first in your property are the porch, hallway, and front garden.

Work on upping your landscaping game to impress your guests and provide a more favorable impression of your home and housekeeping skills. Consider these suggestions for working on backyard landscaping.

Plan It Out

Backyard landscaping is a big undertaking and will require you to create a cohesive plan before proceeding. Drawing a landscape layout will help you figure out the placements of your backyard elements and allow you to see the structures that your backyard can accommodate.

Make an overhead scale drawing of your background and note the locations of immovable elements, such as your home, pool, or natural land formations. Make sure to consider the boundaries of your property and avoid invading your neighbor’s space.

Take Account of Yard Fixtures


Don’t forget to incorporate the placement of your yard fixtures when planning out your landscape design. You can also use them as accompaniments for your other backyard elements through modifying their design and surrounding features.

If you have a pool, it usually serves as the centerpiece of your backyard. Decorate it with a few lounge chairs and umbrellas and place accent plants around it for contrast. Try using string lighting or underwater LED lights for a peaceful and elegant ambiance at night.

Fences can do more than mark the boundaries of your property. Putting up the right type will complement your backyard nicely. Consider using vinyl fencing for your property in Utah, as this type can be customized in a variety of colors and designs and will stand strong in any weather.

Grow Some Plants

Besides your lawn, a garden also provides greenery that is essential in landscaping. If you don’t have a green thumb, consider growing low maintenance plants. This will make your backyard more vibrant and give you plants that aren’t difficult to take care of.

When planting trees, be careful of their placement as their branches can get out of hand when left unattended. Plant flowering trees or evergreens to have trees that stay gorgeous no matter the season. You can also plant shade trees for a more comfortable backyard.

Perennials and annuals are excellent choices for flowers. Keep in mind the kind of annual that you will plant, as there are two kinds – sun annuals and shade annuals. Choose the type based on the level of sun exposure your yard experiences daily.

Consider the Location

After making your landscape design, observe your yard for a week, and walk around it. Plans that look good on paper might have problems after application due to complications like the sun and wind. Take note of shady areas and places where the breeze is pleasant.

You should also recheck the placement of your landscape elements. Go to your tentative locations and contemplate whether that area is the best place for your patio, pool, or garden. This ensures that your landscape arrangement is both lovely and comfortable.

With these ideas in mind, you can prepare and plan a landscape layout that will complement your house. You and your visitors can find something to talk about, and you’ll be proud of your property.

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