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How Smart Technology Is Applied in Toilets

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Gone are the days when your toilet just a simple, run-of-the-mill bathroom component. With all the technological world developments, it’d be a surprise if we wouldn’t incorporate them in one of the most important parts of our home. As we enter the new age with smart toilets, we can say that the future is here.

What Makes a Toilet Smart?

It’s rather easy to say that the future is here, but we’re not a huge fan of unsupported claims. That being said, we dug up a little to give you the latest update on toilets, and here are some features that will make you believe that they are indeed smart.

Automatic Flushing

One of the most common features of a smart toilet is automatic flushing. Yes, you can now say goodbye to touching the flush knob because a smart toilet will do so independently. It has a sensor that activates the flush as soon as you stand up or away from the toilet. The good news is that you can install an automatic toilet flusher on your own.


While bidets are often a separate component of a toilet, recent upgrades have also been made to them, and they have now become part of the toilet itself. Bidets can now be used without having to reach out to your side. In fact, you can have them equipped without needing to upgrade your entire toilet because there are already services for upgraded toilet bidet installation.

Water Efficiency

Many people would argue that because of the automatic flushing, a smart toilet uses water more than necessary. On the contrary, a smart toilet calculates the time you spend while using it and releases water accordingly. This means that smart toilets are capable of eco-flush, using less water when you don’t spend too much time on them.

Overflow Protection

Another point of argument is that what happens to automatic flushing if your toilet is clogged? Well, thanks to the smart toilet’s overflow protection, you most likely won’t come across this problem. Smart toilets can monitor the passageway and keep it from flushing if it is indeed clogged.


Sometimes, we spend too much time in the bathroom, and it’s rather boring to do your business, not doing anything else. To maximize your bathroom experience, smart toilets are also capable of playing music. They play music as soon as you enter the bathroom and often have a remote that will control the volume and the playlist.

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What Your Toilet Seat Shouldn’t Be Missing Out On

Aside from the bowl itself, smart toilets also expanded their upgrades on the seat. Instead of the regular ones that provide you with a cover when you’re using the toilet, smart seats are also equipped with their own high-tech features. While the list is rather a long one, we’ve listed some of them below.

Automatic Closing and Opening

The most basic feature of a smart toilet seat is automatic closing and opening. Because smart toilets are equipped with artificial intelligence, it senses when you enter the bathroom and opens on their own. The same mechanism also monitors when you leave the room and closes itself—no more forgetting to close the cover.

Temperature Control

When the toilet seat is just too cold, the discomfort it brings is rather unwelcome. Luckily, smart seats are capable of temperature control. If you live in a place where the climate is cold or just generally like warm seats, a button or remote control will allow you to adjust the seat’s temperature.


Smart toilet seats are also equipped with a dryer feature. We all know the uneasy feeling that sitting on a damp seat brings, which is a bit of a big issue when you really need to use it. An air dryer prevents you from facing this situation as it helps keep the seat dry.


While all of these features may seem more than enough, smart toilet seats provide a whole new definition of comfort with their addition of a massage feature. A button at the side of the seat can provide you with a gentle massage by using vibration combined with the heating mechanism. Furthermore, there’s also a smart toilet accessory where you can put your feet on, and the stool will gently massage them as you do your business.

The use of standard toilets is ancient history. As we approach the modern era, the various features of a smart toilet are now readily available. It’s only up to you to decide whether you want to upgrade your bathroom experience or not.

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