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How to Make Time for Music Practice While Handling a Business

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For many entrepreneurs, running a business often means having limited time for everything else. And when they do have free time, it’s mostly spent on family, friends and household chores, along with the most important responsibilities outside of work. What about personal interests? What about musical passions, in particular?

Living in the life of a busy entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to forget about your passion.

Here are some tips on how you can make more time to hone your musical talent.

Make time for practice

Even if it’s only twenty minutes every day, take some time to practice your instrument. If you can spare an hour browsing social media, you can certainly invest at least a few minutes every day into practice. The length of your practice time doesn’t matter–what matters is that you get your hands on your instrument every day or at least a few times a week. It’s a great way to avoid getting rusty. Moreover, practicing music is known to be an excellent way to de-stress; something that is very important for business owners like you.

Attend a class

If you’re trying to learn a new instrument, attend formal classes like training to play guitar or piano lessons. You’re more likely to pick up an instrument faster if you have someone teaching you, as opposed to trying to learn it yourself. There is also less chance of growing frustrated if you take classes instead of self-learning. Once you get the hang of the basics, you can start honing your musical skill on your own through online tutorials and self-practice.

Have your instrument nearby

Making your instrument easily accessible will have you picking it up more often and playing. As opposed to keeping your guitar or violin in its case tucked away in the closet, having your instrument out in the open will motivate you to play more. Maybe you can even keep it in your home office and play while you’re taking a break from your business, or perhaps keep it at your workplace where you can practice while things are slow. Either way, it’s an excellent technique to get yourself to play more despite your busy schedule.

Listen to music

Music makes for great stress relief, even if you’re not the one making it. Listen to music while commuting to work, working in your office, or waiting for a meeting to start. You may not be doing actual practice with your instrument, but listening to music can help you learn songs, improve your aural skills as a musician, and familiarize yourself with the different dynamics of sound.

Be patient

You’re not always going to have time for practice, and you’re not always going to learn a song as easily as you usually do. This is especially true if you are a busy entrepreneur, which is why patience is key when you’re honing your musical talents. Skill does not develop overnight; it takes weeks, months and even years to truly become a master at your skill.

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Benefits of practicing music for entrepreneurs

Apart from the fact that you want to pursue a passion, why should you make the effort of practicing music despite your busy schedule?

Here are some great reasons you should consider.

Music teaches discipline

Practicing music requires discipline as much as it does hard work. The discipline that you develop over the years of practicing music will aid you in becoming a better entrepreneur; one that is able to manage time and prioritize well.

You become more patient

Success takes time, and this is a fact that you learn early on as a musician. Unless you are a prodigy, you won’t become a master at an instrument instantly. The same goes for business. With a patient attitude already built up with music practice, you will know that business will take a lot of time to become successful, helping avoid discouragement that is often common in entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

Music relieves stress

It is no secret that a life of entrepreneurship is stressful. Even if you are your own boss, running a business can feel more like a full-time job, often taking most of your time and leaving little to none for other things in life.

Music is a great avenue for stress relief. Just playing a nameless song or listening to a random arrangement of notes helps decrease cortisol, the stress hormone of the body, and boost your mood throughout the day.


Many entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of indulging in their passions outside of business. Don’t let yourself lead the same path. As you can see, there are so many ways to continue practicing music despite your mountain of responsibilities. You just have to learn how to make time for it.

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