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How Your Time Management Skills Are Influenced by How You Were Raised

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Have you ever wondered why you have non-existent time management skills? Have you ever wondered how your friends and workmates can manage their time well? Do you think it’s some God-given gift? Take a look at how you were raised. The answers to these questions might be there.

Time management is a critical skill, whether you’re attending a regular school or an open high school program. If you’re managing your time well, you will be more productive both at home and at work. You will get more things done. You will manage your personal relationships better, too.

Following Your Parents’ Examples

If you watched your parents rush in the morning when you were still a kid, you would probably be doing the same thing now. People tend to emulate their parents no matter how much they try not to. If you lived in an environment where time management was lacking, you would likely be having a hard time with it now, too.

That’s why your parents must instill the importance of time in you. Parents should make an effort to wake up early in the morning, have time for breakfast with the kids, and drop them off to school. This will show your kid that well-managed schedules will provide more time for the family to bond.

Disregarding Tardiness at School

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How was tardiness punished at your former school? Did your teachers call your attention when you arrived late for the class? Or did they allow you to do as you please? People who had strict teachers before are more likely to get their schedules in order. If you’re afraid that your teachers are going to call your attention because you are tardy, you will most likely convince your parents to take you to school earlier.

It will also help if you had extra work because you were tardy in class. That will teach you that tardiness has its consequences. Missing out on important class lessons and activities, for example, should give your grades a hit.

Getting Pressured by Your Peers

If you hang out with people who don’t have good time management skills, there’s a very good chance that you’ll imbibe the same attitude. Instead of getting influenced by your peers, why not be a good influence on them? Don’t go to your appointments late because “a friend’s going to be late, anyway.” Make it a habit to arrive on time. If you have to wait, then do so but call your friend’s attention for making you wait for a long time.

Even if you’re still in your teens, there’s no reason for you to succumb to peer pressure. If your friends can’t attend class on time, don’t follow their lead. You will lose opportunities when you are constantly tardy.

You make a good impression on your bosses, workmates, and subordinates when you have good time management skills. You can get more projects done on time. Your bosses will appreciate how you’re submitting reports before the deadline. You will get more opportunities because employers have a soft spot for workers who make an effort to be always present.

It is never too late to change your ways. A well-managed schedule is not impossible. You have to admit that you have a problem first, though, before identifying the areas where you can improve.

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