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Keep the Ink Flowing with These Printer Maintenance Tips

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Printers are an essential part of your work life. Though people are talking about paperless offices, printed documents are still necessary. However, sending your Zebra printer to a repair service center every time it breaks down is going to eat up a lot of time. That is why you’ll need to know how to properly maintain your printer.

Here are a few tips on how to do that:

Keep It Working

One of the big mistakes that people make with printers is to just let it be and not have it working. This usually happens when there are multiple printers in the office. A “smart” manager thinks that one printer should be reserved for a particular task or work. What ends up happening though is that the printer has been so inactive for so long that the ink has dried up.

That is why it is important to keep printers running regularly. When something needs printing, they just throw it over to an available printer and have it printed. Even if there’s been nothing to print for some time, do a one or two-page test print to see if everything is working fine.

A Monthly Clean

Every month, printers need their print head to be cleaned. This is the part of the printer that does the printing and any clogs on it will cause problems in the future. Though there are often printer head cleaning modes in most devices, it is best to do this manually. All you have to do is remove the cartridge and get some warm water. Do not use alcohol or any anything else to clean the printer head. When it is dry, then you should put the cartridge back.

Besides the head, you should also wipe down the other parts of the printer. Just a simple cloth and warm water should be enough to clean away the dirt and grime. Leaving it like that can cause problems in the future. Additionally, you might invest in some Q-tips and a can of compressed air. The Q-tips can reach some tight space, while the can of compressed air can blow dust out of other areas.

During cleaning, check around for any broken pieces or parts. You might even find worn out parts that need replacing.

Refill Correctly

printer ink cartridge for refill

Your printer won’t be able to do anything without the ink. That is why you’ll want to get proper refills for your printer. Don’t get the generic brands either. It can be tempting to get them because they are cheaper. However, branded printer ink is a lot better and can ensure that your printer lasts longer.

Also, always refill when the printer tells you. You may be tempted to squeeze out that last drop of ink but that is not advisable since it causes wear and tear on your printer head. When you replace the cartridge, do it properly so that you won’t have any leaks or something similar happen.

These tips should ensure that your printer would be able to print for a long time with no problem. That can be a big thing for any office with a lot of work to deal with. You will only need to go to a repair shop if something major happens, such as when a part gets damaged.

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