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Key Web Design Features for Lead Generation

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Even with an optimal online presence, you will remain largely invisible if you cannot generate enough leads to your website. The primary objective of all your marketing efforts is to get as many people as possible to your site. This is known as lead generation. Even so, lead generation will not end once people get to your website. You still need to invest in strategies that will keep leading people to take the desired action on your website.

Professional website design services in Northampton and other areas are now primarily focused on maximizing lead generation on your site. This minimizes the costs associated with periodic revamps on the site to optimize lead generation. Here are some of the best features for website lead generation:

Call tracking

Including an option for clients to directly call your business is among the best ways to maximize your chances of a callback. Other than a phone number, include a call tracking feature on your website. This is particularly effective if you have phone calls from multiple sources. With the call tracking feature, you get to assess what pages on your site generate the highest numbers of phone calls. You can also listen to the calls to see how well clients’ issues were handled.


Sign Up Register Online Internet Web Concept

Call-to-action buttons are an essential element for bridging the gap between visitors and clients who are an inch closer to making a purchase or signing up for something. CTAs come in different sizes, styles, and colors. When including them on your site, a designer will consider the feelings you want to elicit and choose the ideal colors for them.

The size of your CTA buttons should also match the other elements on your site, and their location should not distract people from your underlying message. Moreover, the CTA buttons should be personalized to maximize the odds of clicking on them.


People are not going to go further down in your sales funnel if it is hard to navigate your site. A sitemap will ease the navigation of different elements on your website and make people stay longer on your pages. In so doing, you can convince them to take the desired step and point them in the right direction.


Most people include as much information as they can about their products and services on their websites. They assume that this way, they will maximize how much information they get across. Even so, having some whitespace on your website is among the best approaches for lead generation. This minimizes the distraction people will have on your site. In so doing, people can focus on the efforts you invest in for them to take desired actions.

The above features will not work overnight to generate leads and maximize sales from your website. As such, you should not continually change from one online marketing expert to the next after a few weeks of getting a new web design. Stick with a knowledgeable designer who will also perform periodic audits on what is working and what is not. He/she will then tweak the features as needed to maximize your site’s lead generation.

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