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Must-have Equipment for Coffee Shops

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The café trend has been part of Western Europe’s culture for an extended period. In Scotland, the coffee scene continues to thrive, albeit with some competition from tea. With a high demand for coffee, starting your local coffee shop or roastery should be a profitable venture.

If you want to ward off competition from other coffee hangouts, you need to be a good barista. The coffee you brew needs to be artistic and top-quality. Brewing such coffee entails having modern coffee equipment, top-grade coffee beans, and different flavors. Here is a list of must-have coffee equipment for your shop:

Espresso Machine

A high-quality espresso machine is now an essential requirement among third-wave coffee outlets. Coffee lovers have a specific taste. From cappuccinos to lattes to espressos, you will need to fulfill these needs. An espresso machine is what will help you.

When starting, it’s advisable to purchase equipment that is within your budget. However, you ought to find the right balance between the espresso’s output, the number of its group heads, and its overall built quality. Such espresso machines can be sourced from a wholesale coffee roastery in Scotland. They also come as a semi or fully automatic espresso machine.

Commercial Coffee Bean Grinder

Most roasteries store coffee beans to maintain their freshness. For you to brew a new pot of coffee, you need to grind coffee beans. Although it’s a simple machine, without a coffee grinder, you might as well forget about being a barista.

The right grinder will determine the flavor and distinct taste of the final product. The various variants of coffee grinders include the burr coffee blinder and the blade blinder. They work using different principles, but the overall outcome is the same.


Freezers and Refrigeration System

Coffee shops and cafés should have proper refrigeration. Ingredients such as milk, milk-related products, smoothie ingredients, and drink garnishes need to be preserved through refrigeration. Ensure that you also invest in an ice-making machine. Ice is a fundamental element in iced coffee and other specialty drinks.

The design of a refrigeration system also matters. It’s advisable to buy an easily accessible refrigerator, such as a reach-in refrigerator. The cooling system should also fit in seamlessly in your shop.

Water Filtration System

Most first-time coffee shop owners tend to overlook the importance of clean water. Apart from the quality of your coffee beans, the espresso machine, and the barista’s skill, water quality also affects the overall flavor and appearance of your coffee.

It’s necessary to invest in a water filtration system to reduce the number of impurities in coffee water. A recent trend among coffee roasters has been the use of alkaline water. Coffee is quite acidic. Alkaline water balances this acidity and creates a unique taste in coffee.

Other Requirements

The given list of coffee equipment isn’t exhaustive. It represents the essential coffee gear you need to get started. On top of the machines, you will need to market your coffee hangout. The best way of marketing is brewing good-quality coffee. Good coffee will guarantee you repeat customers.

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