Neglected Home Maintenance Issues That’ll Cost You

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Buying a house is a great investment, but only if you keep up on the necessary maintenance checks. It’s one of the most difficult parts of being a homeowner. Some would say that the cost of repairs can turn your home from an asset to a liability. This is why a lot of people end up regretting buying a house because they spend thousands on damages that could have been avoided.

If you want to make the most out of your home and avoid added expenses, make sure that you check on these most expensive household issues.

Clogged Tanks

Most people don’t think about it, but it is important to regularly clean your septic tank. Similar to what happens when you don’t take out the trash, the garbage and dirt accumulate over time. In the case of tanks, the water will back up into your drainage. This will lead to serious damages to your pipes, and replacement of them is one of the most expensive things to get done.

This can result in a number of issues. Toilets may not be flushing properly, and sinks are flooding. It could also be the reason it takes forever to drain your showers or why there are strange noises whenever you use the bathroom. You will also notice a foul smell similar to sewage around your home.

Septic tank pumping should be regularly done to avoid it. It needs to be done every three to five years for normal households. If you have electrical systems in place, then you need to do it more often.

Dirty Vents

As time goes on, ventilation systems need to be cleaned, more than just replacing filters and all that. When neglected, it can accumulate moisture, which leads to mold that could make your family sick. Otherwise, the damages can go beyond and affect the mechanisms attached to them. HVAC repairs can go as much as $1000, so you want to avoid problems with them.

Maintaining your HVAC systems can also help you save on money. The United States Department of Energy says 25 to 40 percent is wasted because these systems have to work harder. Not only does it consume more energy, but it also shortens its life span.

Weak Foundation

There are a number of reasons why a foundation deteriorates. Clogged gutters can affect the foundation. The water would overflow and leak into the walls, ruining the structural integrity of your home. During the summer, the moisture from the soil can also damage your home. The foundation is sensitive to excessive moisture because it causes erosion in time.

The price of repairing your foundation increases the worse it gets. This is why it is important to always check on them and have it repaired at the earliest signs. When left unattended, the damage spreads and becomes harder to replace. It’s not something you can neglect either because your home relies on it.

water pipes

Unchanged Water Heater

Similar to the septic tank, water heaters need to be regularly drained of the dirt inside them. If you don’t get rid of the sediment build-up, it can cause your water heater to stop working. The sediments collect at the bottom and cause erosion over time. This will lead to the failure of the tank.

Maintenance for this is an extremely easy task that anyone can do. Ideally, you need to drain it every three or six months depending on the model. While you’re at it, make sure to check the temperature and pressure as well for anything faulty.


Another part of maintaining your home is pest control. Even if you regularly clean your home, you may still get certain types of pests. For instance, termites don’t care how clean your home is, and they are one of the most dangerous ones to have as well. As long as they are able to get into your home, they can choose to make their nest in your home.

Pests can cause severe structural damages that make homes unstable. The more they are, the faster they work, too. They can easily cause thousands of dollars worth of damages in just a few months. If you have millions of them, they can completely destroy an entire house in just under two years.

Home maintenance is not something that you can forego for later. The cost of procrastinating and being lazy about doing the necessary upkeep can break your bank. Fortunately, it can easily be avoided, and many of them aren’t that frequent either.

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