New Technologies to Help You Protect Your Home

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Not all homeowners are aware of the newest technological advancements they can utilize to protect their homes from crimes like robbery, intrusion, and others. And yet, it’s crucial to stay abreast of all the innovative tools at our disposal to protect our homes, especially at a time when we’re spending the majority of our days staying home. It needs to be as secure as it can be to protect our valuable belongings and our family.

Of course, no technology would ever replace the work of security experts and professionals. If you live in an extensive property filled with valuable things, or if you and your neighbors live in a gated community and want increased protection for your entire neighborhood, or if there is a risk to you and your family’s safety, hiring security services is still the way to go. A survey of 86 burglars shows that they wouldn’t break in if someone were home, which shows that hiring armed security personnel for your property can absolutely deter burglars or criminals from trying to illegally enter your home, especially if you’ll be out of town for a period.

However, armed security can also benefit greatly from new technologies. When highly trained security guards work in conjunction with state-of-the-art technology, they can secure your home like no other can. Here are some technological advancements in home security that you need to look into to protect your home the best way you can.

Biometric technology

In the same way that biometric technology can help keep our smartphones secure, it can also protect our homes from intrusion. Today’s smart home technologies are also operated through apps and software, so homeowners can also access their home’s security features through their phones. Aside from our fingerprints, biometric technology now also features facial and iris recognition, allowing users to access their security apps without inputting a passcode or using fingerprint recognition.

Smart security cameras

Smart security cameras allow you and your security personnel to monitor every movement in your home—anywhere, anytime. Some systems have the capability to assign time and dates to images, so these cameras can sense motion at any given time of the day. You can check the photo of that area from the specific time something untoward was happening.

Smart locks

Smart locks are an innovation that allows homeowners to know when their homes have been locked and unlocked. They send notifications to your phone anytime and can also be connected to your home’s other smart security tools like your cameras, video doorbells, and security systems. If you also connect them to Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri, you can also ask them to lock your doors on your way out of the house.

Another important feature of smart locks is that they allow homeowners to transfer digital keys to other users, lessening the need for traditional keys. It also allows homeowners to lock their doors from any part of their home, which means they can keep the entire property secure even from the comfort of their beds.

Smart doorbells

On the other hand, smart doorbells allow homeowners to see who’s ringing their door, even when they’re in the house. Instead of the traditional “ding-dong” sound, users’ phones will pop up, notifying them that someone’s at the door. Smart doorbells that have an intercom also allows the homeowners to talk to the visitors in real-time.

living room

Smart video monitors

Families with babies would benefit greatly from smart video monitors, which are like the traditional baby monitor except innovated and upgraded to allow for state-of-the-art live video, two-way talk capabilities, night vision, temperature sensors, and even sleep tracking. It’s a great tool for busy parents who may not necessarily have the time to check-in on the kids every ten minutes.


Since most of these home security innovations use digital and smart solutions, they can also be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. One way to ensure that third parties won’t easily access your home security is to isolate your smart home network from your other networks. It means that even if your smart refrigerator can be hacked, it won’t have access to your emails or online bank accounts because it will occupy its own network.

The Bottom Line

Hiring professional security guards is good for your business, but it can be beneficial for homeowners too. They can be the first to respond to emergencies, and when working in conjunction with state-of-the-art home security technologies, they can be even more efficient and effective at their job. If there is a risk to you and your family’s safety, security personnel can be a great way to feel safer while being protected by a skilled professional with a friendly face.

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