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Outdoor Activities that Allow Social Distancing

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The need to physically distance oneself from people and stay indoors as much as possible is one of the biggest challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. People were eager to cooperate at the beginning, expecting that the mandatory lockdowns would only last for fourteen days. But as the initial lockdown extended to another week, then a month, and then indefinitely, many people were understandably getting restless being cooped up at home for so long.

Lockdown restrictions have eased in many major cities today, but the pandemic is still very much ongoing. We still need to observe social distancing and best practices for avoiding the virus even as we take advantage of the freedoms we’re allowed at the moment.

Below are examples of outdoor activities that you can enjoy without violating coronavirus prevention rules.

1. ATV Trail Riding

There’s nothing more cathartic after staring at the same four, concrete walls of your tiny apartment than to venture out and interact with nature. ATV riding is one of the most exciting ways to do that. It could get messy when you navigate muddy trails, but having dried mud on your clothes and bathing in a stream afterward is part of the fun.

2. Go camping

There are two ways to go camping. The first is to get all rustic and basic, cooking from a fire you made and sleeping with nothing but a reinforced tarp between you and the elements at night. The second is to drive a camper trailer and take the comforts of home with you so that you can comfortably spend days and nights out in nature. Though they offer different experiences, both enable you to enjoy the outdoors and steer clear of crowds of strangers. If you want to have the best of both worlds, however, camping with a bathroom, functional kitchen, and bedroom on board a travel trailer with a Toy Hauler (where you can also fit an ATV!) can give it to you.

3. Cycling

Suppose you have neither an ATV nor the resources to buy or rent a camper trailer, you can start small by cycling on the outskirts of your city. Mountain bikes are the best for off-road cycling, but if all you have at the moment is a road bike, you can start with that. Practice riding for 15 minutes, then 30, gradually working your way up to 45 minutes to an hour (long rides, whether in the city or off-road, can last from four to eight hours). You can ride around the city, assuming that the traffic is still minimal because of the pandemic. If the volume of vehicles on the streets has started returning to normal, you’ll want to start going farther off.

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4. Running, trail walking, and hiking

Not everyone has the stamina to go riding or camping. If you’re among these people, you can do these basics: running, walking, and hiking. Take walks around the block or in the nearby park to stretch your underused muscles and get some fresh air and sunshine. If you’re up for breaking a sweat, you can go running or jogging in the same routes. Even better if there is a nearby nature trail: you can stay outdoors for as long as you like and walk, run, and rest at your leisure. It’s just a matter of finding a trail that isn’t crowded with people who have the same idea as you.

5. Sledding

Is it a snowy winter where you live? If so, may enjoy playing in the snow with your family. If there’s a nearby hill and the snow is thick enough, you might be able t go sledding, too. Sledding is convenient because you don’t need to have expensive equipment and everyone in the family can enjoy it. Just like with walking, running, and hiking, however, you need to be watchful of crowds that may gather in the area where you’re having fun.

With team and contact sports out of the equation, these outdoor activities can alleviate your boredom and satisfy your need to go out in nature after days of staying indoors.

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