Poop: Why It Disgusts You and Other Facts About It

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Whenever the thought touches on having to clean your septic tank, your nose automatically wrinkles with disgust even if you haven’t smelled the container where your poop goes to. But you know that poop disgusts you, which is why instead of you cleaning it up, you’d rather ask a professional in septic tank cleaning in Utah to take care of the matter for you.

If you’re wondering why poop disgusts you so much, here is the reason why: Fecal matter is supposed to turn us off because it is body waste that carries bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Evolution has taught us to stay away from substances that can kill us, and poop is one of those things.

So it’s our internal protective system that leads us to feel disgusted when we see, smell, or even think about poop. Now, here are other interesting facts about feces:

1. Poop is not mostly discarded food

You might be surprised to find out that your poop is not made of the food you ate, but rather, it’s made up of mostly water and bacteria. The bacteria in your poop came from your intestines, and some of them might even be alive when you eject them through your rectum.

2. It's brown because of bile and red blood cells  

If you’ve ever wondered why your poop is colored brown, it’s because it’s filled with red blood cells and bile. And it’s healthy if your poop has the color of melted chocolate.

If your poop comes out with a yellowish color, it might mean that you have pancreatic cancer or parasitic infection. If your poop is whitish or a pale grey, it might mean that you have liver disease or your bile ducts are clogged. If your poop is black or if it has some red in it, then your upper GI tract might be bleeding.

If your poop is green, then you might be infected with something. If your poop is sporting any other color, like blue, then maybe you should ease up on your food coloring.

3. Women have a harder time pooping

Men and women’s anatomical differences make it harder for the latter to poop. A woman’s GI tract is designed differently from a man, and because her colon is positioned much lower, she needs to exert more effort when she’s about to defecate.

This is why women are more prone to bloating. As for men, their rigid abdominal walls enable them to push out their feces more effectively.

4. Ideal poop should sink amongst other things

Experts say that the ideal poop should sink to the bottom of your toilet bowl. If it floats, it means that you have excessive gas in your stomach and you’re not absorbing enough nutrients.

Also, the ideal poop should look like a long log and that when you defecate, it should be easy. If you’re having a hard time ejecting your feces, then you don’t have enough fiber in your gut.

5. Squatting is the best way to poop

Flushing toilet

Most of us are used to sitting down when pooping. But, if you happen to visit other countries, especially in Asia, you might find it disturbing to see toilets where you need to squat to poop because there is no bowl to sit on.

But squatting when you’re pooping is much safer and better for you because when you squat, you’re helping your poop be ejected more easily. When you’re sitting down, you’re distorting your GI tract, making it harder to push out your poop. And when you exert more effort in pooping, you run the risk of damaging the soft tissue in your posterior.

Poop and pooping might still be a taboo subject up to now, but there are lots of exciting facts about these things that can help make you healthier. So try not to wrinkle your nose too much when you think about poop and pooping.

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