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Quiet Please: How to Silence a Loud Rain Gutter

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Rain gutters can help save your roof from damage. As we all know, rainwater can take a toll on your roofing if it is left there for too long, but rain gutters can easily help solve this problem. However, rain gutters can also get damaged if not maintained properly. They can also become noisy over time, which is why today, we will give you a couple of tips to help silence your noisy rain gutters in Salt Lake City.

Try Adjusting the Angle

Sometimes, the fix to a noisy rain gutter is simple. Before doing anything complex, try adjusting the downspout angle first. Use a spacer or a longer clip to help move the bottom of the rain gutter’s downspout further away from your house. This way, the rainwater will not fall straight to the bottom of the elbow, but to the side trickling down, which will help the process be a lot quieter.

Remove the Metal Elbow

If you want to muffle the sound, then try removing the metal elbow where the water empties out. Try replacing it with a similar piece that is made of plastic or vinyl to try and make the rain gutter be quieter. This way, instead of hearing an echoing metallic clang all the time, you’ll only be hearing a faint murmur instead.

Try Attaching Something to the Bottom of the Downspout

Most of the time, the noise on your downspout is the result of water hitting the bottom of your downspout elbow. If you want to make it quieter, then try attaching something to the bottom of the downspout so it will absorb the water as soon as it trickles down. Try putting a square of artificial turf, a scrubber sponge, a section of shingle, or even a foam downspout insert to the bottom of your downspout’s opening.

Downspout Insulation

The noise may be caused by vibration, which is why it would make sense to try and insulate the downspout. Try wrapping foam insulators around the downspout pipe to help minimize the vibration. Alternatively, you can also try using spray foam to try and tone down the vibration on your downspout.

Use a Rope or Downspout Chain

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If all else fails, then try using a rope or downspout chain to get the water to move down an object that is situated inside the downspout’s length. Try using a nylon rope, but make sure to caulk it to the top downspout opening and run it all the way to the downspout’s bottom opening. A downspout chain can be also used for this, which will allow the water to trickle down a lot smoother and quieter.

If you are unsure you can do all these to try and minimize the noise on your rain gutter, then call a professional to do it for you instead. This way, you can be sure that your rain gutter and downspout will no longer make so much noise. You can also ask them to take a look at your rain gutter to see if everything is fine and that no damage is present.

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