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Road Warrior or Road Saint? Qualities of a Good Driver

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Anyone going for a ride as a passenger wishes the driver is a good one. Your life depends on the driver because when drivers lose focus on the road, accidents happen. But how do you know you’re in good hands? How would you know that your designated driver will not be negligible and cause you to look for an auto accident attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah? What makes a good driver? Here are some of the qualities you should consider.


Good drivers have patience. They don’t quickly react to things that will test them. They’re patient during heavy traffic and road construction. Of course, they also want to reach a destination immediately, but that doesn’t mean they will endanger themselves and others by getting angry and throwing a fit while driving.  They make good decisions to avoid accidents.

They also remain calm even when other drivers are annoying them. They also patiently abide by traffic rules. Their performance on the road is driven with ease and calm always.


Good drivers won’t race with other drivers even when they have a competitive streak. They take thst behavior off the road. These drivers like to follow the rules because they want to be safe and protect their passengers. They also have self-discipline.

They’re not aggressive, which is a trait many bad drivers have; these people get upset at the slightest thing and go into road rage. Good drivers don’t block lanes and change lanes without even signaling. They also don’t tailgate and never make ‘obscene gestures.’


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Good drivers are considerate drivers because they’re the ones who would think of other people first. They like to let senior citizens cross the street. They allow children to do so too. They have ‘good driving etiquette.’ They’re most likely the drivers you see who adhere to traffic signals and ‘follow the speed limit.’ These drivers also don’t double park.

Defensive and Focused

Defensive drivers are the ones who are attuned with their surroundings and know how to respond should unexpected things happen. They drive with precaution and could see the small changes on the road.

Drivers are good when they’re able to focus on the road and their surroundings. These drivers don’t let the minute details distract them. In case they’re also having episodes of fear and other human emotions, they don’t let that affect their driving.

Skilled and Knowledgeable

Good drives are smooth, skilled, and able to concentrate in any given situation. Their passengers don’t feel heavy when riding with them. They flow effortlessly on the road. They know how to step on the breaks and use other controls.

There are many things to learn when it comes to driving. Learning about a car is one. Another is to learn about the road. Good drivers like to keep on learning on how they can be more efficient drivers. They get better with time. They also practice their driving skills a lot.

Final Thoughts

Good drivers are still around. They like to keep the road safer if they can. They don’t like to fight and are generally self-disciplined. Their passengers are quite lucky, but other motorists they encounter on the road are also fortunate because of good drivers keep everyone safe.

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