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Signs Your Financial Stress is Becoming Too Much

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Being under financial stress is one thing, but being under too much financial stress is another. If the case is the latter, you may be at risk of putting too much strain on both your physical and mental health, which, of course, is another thing to worry about.

Financial stress is normal for many people. However, excessive amounts of it can lead to negative impacts on your mind as well as your body. In this case, it’s highly recommended that you get professional counseling services for both your stress and money problems to avoid things from getting worse. But first, what are the signs that your financial stress is getting too much?

You are constantly preoccupied with financial-related thoughts

Worrying about money is a common thing among many people in the lower and middle classes. We’ve all gone through it, and it doesn’t automatically mean you’re under financial stress. However, if you find yourself constantly thinking about money throughout the day, even while doing things that aren’t related to money at all, it may be time to recognize that you have a problem.

You are experiencing anxiety or depression

Financial difficulty can lead to anxiety or depression (or worsen your symptoms if you already have them), particularly when your money troubles are tied to debt. Thus, if you start recognizing symptoms of anxiety or depression, you may be under too much financial stress. And in this case, seeking help from a mental health professional is imperative to prevent your mental health from getting worse.

You are spending too much

It may seem counterintuitive, but people who are under a lot of financial strain can react to it by spending even more money. This reaction is often a way to seek comfort from the reality that they are struggling financially, primarily because it gives people a false sense of security.

If you are already facing money troubles and find yourself wanting to spend even more money, the financial you’re feeling may already be getting to you. Naturally, overspending will lead to even more money problems down the road, so instead of swiping your credit card left and right, face your financial issues head-on and avoid spending more than you need to.

Your physical health is starting to suffer

Not being able to get enough sleep at night, eating too much or eating too little, and getting headaches or nausea from overthinking–these are just some of the physical effects that financial stress can have on your body. When you are constantly burdened by your money problems, the mental strain will eventually bleed into your physical health as well. Soon enough, you will feel tired all the time, you’ll get headaches out of nowhere, and you can even start to experience weight changes, among many other possible effects.

If your body is starting to experience negative changes brought about by your financial stress, it’s a clear indicator that you need to seek help before things get worse. Look for a financial therapist to help you with your problems, as well as a mental health counselor to reduce the impact of financial strain on your mind and body.

Your relationships are becoming strained

Do you find yourself fighting with your partner more often? Are you starting to withdraw from your friends and family? Or are you perhaps taking the stress out on your kids?

Strained relationships are a clear sign that you have to do something about your financial troubles. When there is money involved, relationships and friendships can easily become ruined, especially if one person has failed to repay a loan from another. For this reason, you should avoid borrowing money from your loved ones as much as possible. If you fail to repay the loan on time–or fail to repay the loan entirely–you may risk ruining your relationship with that person for good.

You’re engaging in unhealthy coping mechanisms

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If the financial stress has you overeating, drinking too much, smoking, or using drugs, do yourself a favor and face the problem as soon as possible. Unhealthy coping mechanisms can easily lead you to spiral out of control, and soon enough, you may find yourself with even bigger problems to deal with. Moreover, these unhealthy coping mechanisms will cost you even more money, which is not something you want on top of your already existing financial problems.

Experiencing stress from finances is not uncommon, but it can sometimes become so overwhelming that it starts to affect other aspects of your life, including your physical and mental health.

Dealing with financial stress is not easy for everyone, so if you find yourself under too much strain, don’t be afraid to seek help from financial and health professionals.

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