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Smart Gardening: Is It the Future of Your Garden?

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For hundreds of years, gardening is known for being one of the most enjoyable ways of beautifying your plants and lawn collection. Since gardening is a fairly “simple” process that requires simple tools or probably just your bare hands, you won’t necessarily have to invest too much in equipment. But even though gardening is a relatively “low-tech” activity and won’t need intricate equipment, why not spice it up by having fun with your garden by adding a bit of technology into the mix?

With different advancements in technology, especially in the agricultural sector and in automation, it’s easier to maintain gardens and plants when technology can give accurate data and information on plants’ “health.” Think that technology is just limited to video games and phone applications? Think again! As there are even more technological innovations in the last few years, individuals utilize even more options to make their garden look even better.

Smart gardening is one of the most useful techniques out there for “optimizing” your garden to your needs and wants. But what is it? We’ll be answering some questions about smart gardening and what you can do.

What Is Smart Gardening?

But first, we have to define smart gardening clearly. Is it the future of gardening? Why is it all the rage these days?

Well, “smart” technology and artificial intelligence have been all the rage in the last few years since AI processing and the ability to manufacture processors and electronic parts gets cut in half every two years.

To the average gardener that’s moving plants around the garden, they could care less about having a smart garden. However, having smart technology in your garden can save up time, money, and energy that most homeowners usually invest in their garden.

Some of the most common types of smart garden systems include automated irrigation systems that can self-manage to give plants the right supply of sustenance properly. AI has also been used on self-controlling lawn mowers that use automatic terrain recognition that used to be only available to the military sector but has now been incorporated into various civilian equipment.

For indoor “gardens,” smart plant meters are also a great way of monitoring the general health and moisture level present on houseplants. Although houseplants only need little maintenance, moisture will still play a key factor in the maintenance process.

But whether you want a traditional garden or one that will harmonize with your gadgets and devices, you will still need professional help and maintenance to ensure that your garden is in pristine condition. Fortunately, there are lawn landscape maintenance services that can effectively maintain your garden and your lawns. While smart gardens are great, you’ll still need that green thumb.

What Are Some Equipment You Can Utilize?

Other than just making our lives easier, smart garden equipment is usually used in lowering greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint that we leave on the planet. One of the best ways to minimize such phenomena is by simplifying chores rather than expend large amounts of energy to finish your garden. That said, these equipment are great ways of cutting down on time needed for gardening.


  1. Expendable Pots – Your plants won’t stay small for a long time, and they’ll eventually grow out of their pots. This can sometimes be a problem for most gardeners since they’ll have to buy larger pots as time goes by. Fortunately, expendable pots a great way of saving up money and reducing pollution in your area since it’s relatively cheap and will easily decompose.
  2. Mobile applications – In the last few years, hundreds of gardening apps have popped up in the play store for Android and the app store for the iPhone. These are great ways of identifying plants, irrigation placement, and measuring the area of your property.
  3. Robotic lawnmowers and weeders – For many gardeners, weed and the pests they bring are public enemy number one. Fortunately, some robots are programmed to “weeding” out unwanted plants and weeds that might make your garden look ugly. What’s even more ingenious about their design is that they are solar-powered, making them great little helpers during a hot summer day.

Smart garden technology is definitely a great way of cutting down on work time, energy, and money that would otherwise be spent on your garden. Although you might have to invest more in intricate equipment for your garden, this will help you save money in the long run and expand your garden. Before you know it, you’ll be the talk of the town.

But is smart gardening the future? Well, it’s certainly the first few steps towards the future of gardening and automation. Still, it doesn’t hurt to experiment and have a bit of fun with your garden. After all, working smart will definitely get you more yields than working hard.

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