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Taking Your Children Abroad With You? Here’s How You Can Continue Their Education – Tips for OFW Parents

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  • Enroll children in online distance-learning programs for flexible schedules. Provide them with a powerful laptop, high-speed internet, etc.
  • Teach your children the language of the host country by enrolling them in language courses or tutoring services.
  • You can utilize online resources for their studies, such as Khan Academy and Udemy.
  • Plan school holidays to explore the new culture, visit landmarks and museums, and attend cultural events.

As an OFW parent, taking your children abroad with you can be exciting and daunting. You may have concerns about their education, especially since the curriculum in your host country may differ significantly from the education system back home. Fortunately, there are ways you can continue their education even while abroad. In this blog, you will learn essential tips for OFW parents to ensure their children continue their education while living overseas.

Enroll them in an online distance-learning program.

There are plenty of excellent academic institutions that offer opportunities for online distance learning in the Philippines. OEd SHS, for example, offers a great online senior high school program. It is an accredited and recognized institution offering quality education with flexible learning schedules tailored for students living abroad. With online distance-learning programs such as these, you can ensure your children continue their studies regardless of where they are.

Additionally, you must ensure your teen is ready for a distance learning setup. This means providing them with the necessary tools and equipment to attend classes. Here’s what they’ll need:

A powerful laptop


A powerful laptop is essential for distance learning. It should have enough power to run the needed educational software, as well as the ability to handle virtual class sessions without lagging or crashing. Invest in a laptop with a good processor and graphics card so that your teen can get the most out of their online classes.

High-speed internet connection

A high-speed internet connection is essential for distance learning, as it will allow your teen to attend their classes without interruption. The faster the connection, the better – ideally, you should look for a fiber-optic connection that is capable of providing speeds of at least 100 Mbps.

Headset and microphone

In order to participate in online class sessions, your teen will need a good headset with an integrated microphone. Investing in one of these will ensure that your teen can hear and be heard during their classes.

Other supplies

Lastly, you should make sure that your teen has the necessary school supplies for their distance learning program. This includes things like textbooks, notebooks, pens, and pencils, as well as a whiteboard or chalkboard to help them with their studies.

Enrolling your children in an online distance-learning program is one of the best ways OFW parents can ensure their children continue their education while abroad. With the right equipment and supplies, your child can learn just as effectively as they would if they were back home – the only difference is that you’ll be able to stay connected with them even when you’re away.

Language courses.

Teaching your children the language of your host country is just as important as continuing their education in your home country’s curriculum. Encourage your children to learn the language by enrolling them in language courses or tutoring services. This will also allow them to assimilate better in the new environment and become more confident and independent when interacting with their peers outside of the home.

Online resources.


The internet is a great resource for OFW parents looking to continue their children’s education while abroad. There are plenty of online programs and resources available, such as Khan Academy and Udemy, which provide interactive lessons on a wide range of topics. With the help of these resources, you can easily keep up with your children’s education and aid them in their studies.

School holidays.

Another way to continue your children’s education even while abroad is to use the school holidays as an opportunity for them to learn more about the new country’s culture and history. Plan field trips and visits to nearby landmarks, museums, and cultural events. This will help your child become more familiar with the new culture and develop an appreciation for the host country.

Taking your children abroad with you can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. By enrolling them in an online distance-learning program, teaching them the language of your host country, utilizing online resources for their studies, and planning school holidays to explore the new culture – OFW parents have plenty of options for continuing their children’s education while living overseas. With these tips in mind, you can ensure that your child will get all the educational support they need even while away from home.

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