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These Are Techniques that Localize Your Content

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Are you trying to enter a new market? Localizing is an approach you need to implement to reach an intended audience in a different city or country. You’ll have to consider several factors such as cultural barriers, tone and your company’s reach, just to name a few.

However, localization is a worthwhile endeavor because of the potential advantages it provides. A Utah-based SEO consultant cites the following ways you can localize the content you publish successfully.

Collaborate with Local Experts

No man or woman is an island, and you’ll need all the help you can get to succeed. Collaborating with local experts allow you to understand the cultural nuances of the neighborhood or country you plan to enter. They have a following and can feel the pulse of the audience you want to attract.

They know the language and the appropriate tone to use when engaging a particular market segment. They can act as the persona of your brand and provide your potential customers with a human face they can relate to.

Relevant Content for Locals

woman making a layout of a websiteRelevancy is vital to search engines; they want to make sure your content solves the problems and answers the questions of a user. However, merely reusing or translating existing articles and videos for another city or country may not work. You’ll have to understand the behavior, culture and psyche of the market you want to enter.

When localizing, consider the colloquialisms, culture and dialect of a particular place. You then make your content relevant from the written article and descriptions to the visuals and videos you will use. Numbers are your friends; review trends and the specifics of the market before launching a content marketing campaign.

Find the Right Channels

The localized content you publish must reach the right people at the right time. You’ll need to identify the ideal channels to reach your audience. People living in different places have changing habits regarding their use of social media and search engines.

Does the country or city you want to enter use Facebook or Instagram more often? Do they prefer Baidu, Yahoo or Google? Get the numbers about consumption and behavior to determine which platform works best. Once you get enough insights, start your content marketing campaign.

Join the Local Community

Being a part of the community helps you earn points in the eyes of locals. Participate in festivals and gatherings to learn more about their culture. Help out in times of need such as by giving relief goods when disasters strike or join in charity events around the city.

This humanizes your brand and allows you to connect with people on a personal level.

Determine Industry Benchmarks

It’s good to know the benchmarks that current companies have. This will help you plan your campaign carefully and determine how profitable your endeavor could be. Learn and analyze the numbers so that you can customize your approach based on the strengths of your brand.

Localization is the way to go when entering new markets. The mentioned ways allow you to ease into a new city or country and start a profitable business.

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