To Sell a House, Focus on the Garage

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Utah homes are still not cheap. According to Zillow, property prices went up by more than 8% over the last 12 months. Within the next year, it could grow by at least 3%.

The median price listing is already $369,000, while the average price for sold properties is $344,000. It is indeed a warm market, benefitting the sellers. If you want to sell one of your houses, then this is the best time to do it.

Before you do so, though, see to it your home is ready for a brand-new owner. Sell it fast by focusing on repair and maintenance for things that matter for buyers. One of these is the garage.

Here’s Why You Should Pay Attention to the Garage

garage door repair in Salt Lake City is perhaps one of those that haven’t made it to your to-do list. It seems to be an underrated duty.

But there are many reasons to focus some energy toward your garage, especially if you’re living in Utah. Car ownership is still high in the United States. This is despite the presence of ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft.

In a data shared by CityLab, about 20% of the 87% of studied large US cities had homes that owned at least two vehicles. This isn’t to say commuting is stressful in Salt Lake City. Future residents won’t ditch their cars. It is not only walkable but also boasts of a robust public transport
Some, however, choose to bring their vehicles when they move, mainly since Utah can get extremely cold during the winter. Inversions, meanwhile, make walking and biking unideal.


The Effect of Population Growth on Garages

Another reason to spruce up the garage is population growth. Utah benefits from high natural births and net migration. More people are coming in than leaving due to aging in place, job growth, and business incentives.

Many single millennials also choose to share a home with their friends. Each of them can then own vehicles.

The Power of Curb Appeal

It can be cliché, but curb appeal does matter. Speaking with CNBC Make It, real estate expert Barbara Corcoran said it’s the key to selling a house fast.
She stressed that buyers could judge a property within 30 seconds. Although this is short, it is crucial. If they don’t like what they see immediately, then they move on to the next.

The short timeframe also means they assess the value of your property even before they get to the living room. They might be paying attention to the plants, front door, and, yes, your garage.

In Utah, it might still be a seller’s market, but it doesn’t mean the state has only a few sellers. It’s even possible you have many competitors within your neighborhood. Make some changes to make your home stand out. You can always begin with the garage.

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