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Top Eight Reasons You Should Live in Naples, Florida

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Naples, Florida, is considered one of the healthiest and happiest places in the United States. Twenty thousand people currently call the city their home, and if you want to be a part of the family but don’t have the funds, don’t worry as there are several mortgage companies that can get you closer to that dream.

From stunning beaches to numerous job opportunities, there are many reasons why you should consider Naples for your summer or forever home.  Here are the main benefits of moving to or living here.

Low Cost of Living

Although Naples is known for luxury resorts and beaches, it boasts a low cost of living where property tax rates are only 1.2% of your property’s value, which is the third-lowest rate in Florida. Naples also doesn’t have a state income tax.

Safety and Low Crime

Naples, also known as Collier County, boasts the lowest crime rate for a metropolitan area in Florida. It is the 15th lowest in the nation, with only over 1,700 crimes per 100,000 individuals. It is also considered the second safest city in Florida to live, boasting less than 67% of the general crime rate compared to other Florida communities.

Exemplary Healthcare System

Aside from being the happiest place in the United States, it is also the healthiest. Besides residents being relatively active, the city also boasts an excellent healthcare system. It has over four tertiary hospitals throughout Collier County, including the iconic NCH Healthcare System, an award-winning non-profit and multi-facility healthcare system with advanced heart, cancer, orthopedic, pediatric care, and more.

Fun Outdoor Activities

One of the most favored activities in Naples is boating because where else can you find an array of brackish, salt, and freshwater? Collier County offers a boatload of options for boating lovers, offering fun boating activities like river cruising, fishing, beachfront landings, and other marine ventures.

Another Naples specialty is golf. It boasts over 70 golf communities and 97 golf courses, and with so many courses in one place, the city is known as the ‘Golf Capital of the World.’ Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the sport, there is a golf course in Naples that will fit your lifestyle and skill level.

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Dining and Entertainment

If you are a lover of food, settling in Naples, Florida, is the best choice. The city offers various dining options throughout its premises, from local fresh-off-the-dock seafood eateries to sophisticated five-star restaurants, you will never go hungry in Naples.

Great Shopping Scene

Naples offers a wide range of shopping options for everyone. You can shop from historic districts in Naples, scattered with antique shops, jewelry stores, boutiques, and beautiful outdoor cafes within walking distance of the beach. The city also offers upscale shopping destinations that are riddled with luxury retail stores.

Art, Culture, and Music

Naples offers numerous opportunities to appeal to the broadest diversity of artistic tastes. The city features over 70 galleries and artist studios with hundreds of renowned artists and entertainers considering Collier County home.


Naples experiences an average air temperature of 77°F, enjoying sunny and tropical climate all year round, boasting over 300 days of pure sunshine annually.

Naples, Florida, has been repeatedly voted as one of the happiest places in the country. It boasts warm year-round weather, the friendliest people in the state, and spectacular sceneries that make every day a vacation.

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