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Top FIve Ways to Celebrate Events in 2021

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As another year closes and 2021 comes ushering, there is so much to look forward to. There are so many events worthy of being celebrated and appreciated. However, the pandemic has yet to go.

Celebrating upcoming fun events will remain restricted or regulated. But for many families and companies, celebrating these things may not be a problem. Many of them have successfully adapted to the pandemic life.

Here are the top five ways of how companies and families can celebrate events in 2021.

Virtual Commemoration or Celebration

First up is virtually commemorating or celebrating an event. By now, many people have mastered the ins and outs of using virtual meeting tools, such as Zoom or Skype. And these are also the tools that many families and companies can use this year.

Find a more appropriate tool. Apart from the two virtual meeting software mentioned above, there are many meeting software available in the market that has been designed for the sole purpose of increased interactivity.

Make your virtual celebration more creative. There are many ways to make your virtual gathering alive. You can design virtual backgrounds or frames for the virtual event.

This pandemic really made sure that the public would not be able to celebrate traditionally. For example, this year’s New Year’s Eve celebration at the New York Times Square was celebrated online. The streets were almost empty, and the police were placed on high alert to disperse any form of gatherings.

Begin an Online Fundraiser Event

fundraiser concept

Beginning an online fundraising event is for those families or companies that have been doing fundraisers as a means to celebrate events. Now, these things are more important than ever.

Many companies, including Facebook, LEGO, and Microsoft, organized fundraisers and events that helped those left without jobs due to the pandemic throughout 2020.

These fundraiser events do provide you not only a meaningful celebration but also uplift the lives of those who are really in need. For companies, these events also help in creating a brand image.

Virtual Photo Booth

Another fun but more straightforward way is to hire or purchase virtual photo booth services. One of the many companies that provide such services is MISGIF. The company offers both virtual and in-person photo booths.

But due to the pandemic, the virtual photo booth is their most profitable service. This service is just one of the company’s three offerings. Families or companies may choose their animated gif booth or the headshot booth.

Controlled In-Person Meetings

Mass gatherings, particularly those unauthorized, remain restricted in many states and cities. However, some localities allow mass gatherings or meetings as long as these are controlled and strictly follow prevailing health protocols.

There are many requirements before these things can proceed, but restrictions are relatively loose for close families. For companies, these meetings are allowed as long as strict health measures will be followed.

Some of the regulations that need to be considered are the venue and the number of participants. Many areas allow events as long as these will occur in an open and large venue with less than 50 participants.

Streaming or Watch Party

This last way how families and companies may celebrate events in 2021 is more appropriate for families or a group of friends. With the introduction of browser extensions and other third-party applications, streaming and watching a particular program is now more comfortable than before.

Streaming or watching together is a great way to celebrate a day. Since the pandemic struck the country, the literal “stream and chill” moment is already preferred by many.

No matter what you choose from the five ways above, the most important thing is that your family or your workmates had a great time. And that everyone was able to celebrate together albeit virtually.

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