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Want to Maximize Office Productivity? Check Out These Desk Layouts

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The primary element that determines the profits you make in a business irrespective of the industry is the productivity of your employees. In recent years, the business world has seen significant improvements. To this end, companies are now sprucing up their offices to boost the productivity of their existing employees and attract top talent. This, in turn, guarantees a boost in their outputs and consequently, profits.

Most employers start with picking a design from modern or industrial furniture online when considering their office layout. There is nothing mistaken with this choice, but the prudent approach is to consider your office square footage vis-a-vis your employees first.

This way, the workers have ample space to move freely and sit without distracting others. At the same time, the overall design of your space remains aesthetically pleasing. Here are the ideal layouts for your desks to have a productive office.

Row Layout

Here, cubicles or workstations are lined in rows. In the past, the row layout was generally used for call centers. But more companies are now choosing this layout since it is inexpensive and easy to set up. It also does not need much planning of your floor space.

The cubicle rows have high dividing walls that reduce distractions and noise, offering some privacy for employees. The row layout for desk offices, unfortunately, is not as appealing to the eye and can leave your workspace looking much like a production line. Moreover, it can hinder interaction among employees.

Quad Layout

In this alternative, office desks are grouped in fours to form workspaces with two workers next to one another and directly across two others. The quad layout often features low dividers between the desks so that people can communicate easily and interact.

It offers an open environment with exceptional aesthetics since the decor can be seen from one spot. The open environment might affect productivity, however, since some employees might engage in non-work-related banter and get distracted from their tasks.

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Zigzag Layout

Also called the honeycomb layout, this resembles the edges of unfolded fans. The corners of the office desks in this instance stick out and give workers more room for moving around rectangular and square desks.

Though costly and complex to actualize, the zigzag layout maximizes productivity and looks good. It includes high partitions made of plastic or translucent glass to brighten the office space by letting in considerable sunlight.

Pod Layout

Here, the desks are arranged to form a hexagon-shaped workstation or circle divided like pizza slices. The pods created give an open-like room for employees, allowing them to move more freely. The inward-facing arrangement also encourages a collaborative and aesthetically pleasing space. The pod layout, however, does not maximize floor space.

Most business owners will always aim for a cost-efficient solution that also optimizes their office square footage. Even so, when picking a layout from the above for your office, consider your culture and plans. This way, you avoid a dreary-looking space that you will frequently re-do to accommodate your office changes.

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