What to Consider When Renting a Road Grader

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If you are planning on starting a road project soon, then the first thing on your list (most probably) is to buy road graders and other types of powerful equipment that can help you speed the process up. However, buying the equipment is not ideal, especially if you are a small firm. It would be wiser to rent them out instead, as this is more cost-efficient.

Below, we will discuss what you need to remember when looking for a road grader for hire so you would be able to get the right one for your project.

What are you Using it for?

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The first thing that you should consider is the purpose of renting a road grader. There are many different types of graders, and getting the wrong one can delay your project. Some graders can be used for forestry, while some may be used for construction. A few other types can also cater to municipal use, mining, industrial purposes, and public works. Before renting one, make sure that you know the specifics of the project. This way, you would not have to spend a lot of time and money trying to have it replaced.

What Type of Grader Frame do you Need?

Most graders are classified based on their frames, which are rigid and articulate. Articulated frames are the most commonly used frames, as these are a lot more flexible and easier to use than the rigid ones. The rigid frame road graders have just one axle, which is unable to turn left or right. However, there are two-axle articulated-frame road graders, which has a hinge between the front and the rear axles which allows it to turn even in the smallest spaces.

What is the Time Frame of your Project?

As mentioned earlier, there are many different types of road graders. Some of these are big, while some are smaller. The bigger ones can definitely finish a project faster, but they are also a lot more expensive than the smaller ones. Know the time frame and budget of your project and go from there. If your time frame is quite short and strict, then you'd want to get the bigger road grader. However, if you have a more forgiving time frame and you do not have enough budget for it, then it would be best to go for the less powerful and smaller ones.

What Price are You Willing to Pay?

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Road graders can be quite expensive, even when you are just renting one out. One 12-foot road grader may cost you around AU$700 to AU$840. The 14-foot road graders typically cost about AU$800 to AU$900, depending on the brand and the company that you are renting it from. However, renting will definitely save you a lot, since brand new road graders can cost around AU$21,000 to AU$140,000.

These machines are really powerful and can help you greatly with your road projects, which is why they are so expensive. Ask your contractors and do your proper research before renting one so you'd be able to get the right one.

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