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Why Companies Should Hire Fresh Graduates More Often

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For the youth on the verge of joining the workforce, there’s a myriad of challenges that they have to face first before they could ever gain a stable job that they’re satisfied with. First, there’s the actual challenge of trying to graduate from college. They had theses, projects, internships, and other courses to complete before they could ever don the graduation gown and march. But what many of them don’t truly realize is that there’s an even bigger challenge that they all must face. And that is the horror of job hunting for the first time.

According to the United Nations (UN), “youth” is defined as people between the ages of 15 and 24. The International Labour Organization (ILO) under the UN said that around 68 million people of the global youth population today are considered looking for work. For all intents and purposes, they are part of the unemployed population. There are many reasons why they aren’t able to secure a stable job. A survey conducted by Bayt found that 60 percent of their survey respondents said that, as fresh graduates, they find it hard to get a job because employers are looking for candidates who have previous work experience. It doesn’t matter if they have the skillset, grit, and passion for the job. They are immediately dismissed simply because they are fresh graduates.

Companies could gain a lot more just for hiring fresh graduates. These are the reasons why they should give these youths a better chance at getting a job.

Still in Learning Mode

The best thing about fresh graduates is that they still haven’t shaken that learning mode they kept up while at school. This is something that many experienced professionals no longer have. Because they already spent years in their respective industries, they have grown used to the motions. Thus, there’s a bigger chance that they have become jaded. Some of them may have even become cocky. But fresh graduates are not like them. They are more adept and eager at learning, especially at skill-based courses.

Many companies today require courses and certifications before they could hire someone for a job. Fresh graduates would be perfect for this. If they want to go into automotive trading, they will take automotive trade certification courses with the confidence and openness that many experienced professionals lost through their years of working.



Another great thing about hiring fresh graduates is that they had more updated training in their line of work. This is especially beneficial for jobs in the tech industry. Technology is constantly updating software and hardware. Coding languages are constantly updating. New ones even emerge once every few years. Trends also come and go very fast. So to even keep up with them is a feat in itself. Students at school are among the first few people who get to learn using or to practice these.

Hiring fresh graduates, essentially, is part of a company’s modernization. They are bringing in fresh tools and practices that are essential in the tech-driven 21st century.

Lower Cost, Bigger Investment

What employers perfectly know about hiring fresh graduates is that they can offer lower salaries for entry-level jobs. Experienced professionals would often fight tooth and nail for higher salaries. And no one could blame. Most people really do need that money. And, given their experience and success in their respective fields, they deserve that kind of compensation.

But what many employers don’t realize about hiring fresh graduates is that they may offer lower salaries. But fresh graduates can lead to even bigger investments. In the long run, they can bring more to the table than experienced professionals. For one, they would be more eager to put in more hours. They have a fresh take on the products and services that their employers offer to the public. And they, as mentioned, would be more eager to learn and grow in the company.

Fresh Perspective

Lastly, as mentioned, fresh graduates bring a fresh perspective to the company. Because they have no experience yet in the corporate world, they don’t know yet the sneaky corporate practices that experienced professionals know. They haven’t dealt with office politics yet. This means that they don’t have the baggage that would lead to a bit of drama in the office. They are just there to learn, gain experience and earn a living—which are the things that all employees should have, experienced or not.

Job hunting for fresh graduates always leads to anxiety. Their resumes aren’t as full as experienced candidates. They have a lot to prove even just during the recruitment process. But if employers are more open to hiring them despite the lack of experience, then all of their efforts would lead to many rewards both for them and for the companies that they would work for.

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