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Why You Need More than Insurance ASAP after a Road Accident

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Imagine this: you are taking your vintage motorcycle for a ride around town, a practice you’ve been doing for several years now. It is your outlet to detach from whatever problems you have, and it clears your mind, gives you a good mood, and recharges you for the coming days. But while you mind your own business, a car comes out of nowhere and hits you on the side. You’re thrown off, injured even when you’re wearing protective gear, and your beloved motorcycle reduced to an unrecognizable metal pile. You’re clearly not the one at fault, but you can’t take your chances nowadays. You need to hire a good accident lawyer to help your case.

You might think that because you didn’t do anything wrong, everything will go in your favour: you’ll get what’s due for damages, the other driver gets punished, and your medical bills covered. But that’s utopia right there; in the real world, the other party would also lawyer up, argue that you’re the one driving recklessly, and even sue you for the damage on their vehicle and attorney’s fees. It is harsh, but that’s the reality. By getting a  motorcycle accident injury lawyer, Denver courts could give you the justice you want, if that’s where the accident happened.

Getting the Maximum Benefits and Compensation

The other side’s lawyer may agree that their client was indeed at fault, so their strategy would be to pay you the least amount of money possible. With a proper accident lawyer, you can get the maximum benefits and compensation you’re entitled. Aside from the obvious medical bills and damage costs, you can also ask for attorney’s fees, injury settlement based on the work that you might miss, and more. You’re not at fault here, so you deserve to get compensated for what you’ve experienced.

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Proper Rest after Accident, and Peace of Mind

The last thing you’d want to do after a serious accident would be to travel and appear on court dates. If you don’t hire an injury lawyer, you’ll be doing all that so that you can get something out of the other party. A lawyer will represent you, file your claim, ensure paperwork is spotless, and shoulder the burden of arguing in your favour to court. You can rest and recover from what happened, knowing that someone’s working on the case. The peace of mind is enough to consider getting a lawyer after such an accident immediately. You shouldn’t be overwhelmed and stressed if you really want a speedy recovery.

Don’t Rely on Insurance Too Much

If you choose to forego a lawyer because you think you have good insurance, you’re at the mercy of the assessor, who will aim to pay the least possible money they can. You won’t be fairly compensated, which would be bad if you have a lot of bills to pay because of the accident. The right thing to do is to get a motorcycle accident lawyer. They can protect your interest, and ensure that you’ll get maximum compensation, and the ones at fault punished.

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