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Yes to the Sun, No to Taxes

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These days, more retirees are flocking to Florida than any state in the US, and it’s for a good reason. Florida is one of the most retiree-friendly states in the US, and sunny weather isn’t all it’s offering.

No Taxes

Whether you’re in Pompano Beach, Sarasota, Tampa, or any other place in Florida, your income, 401k, or Social Security benefits won’t get taxed. You’ll get to enjoy most of your money, even letting you splurge a bit on extravagant purchases. Florida retirees are no stranger to living the high life. A senior driving a Porsche or Mercedes is a common sight.

However, collision repair service centers also account for more accidents. While you will have more spending power, you’ll need to reign yourself in and avoid overly extravagant purchases. The state’s properties are less expensive than the national average by almost $100,000, making a house one of the best purchases you can make. You can buy a 2-bedroom house for as little as $150,000 or a 3-bedroom for $200,000. You’ll also get a $50,000 tax exemption on properties priced below $250,000.

The Best Healthcare

More than 20 percent of Florida’s population is over 65 years of age. Hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities focus on this demographic, putting Florida at the forefront of senior-centric medicine. Clinical research on senior ailments and conditions is constantly being performed, and senior residents benefit from the rapid advances. The state has a high ratio of medical practitioners per capita, with doctors at 380 per 100,000 and registered nurses at 1650 per 100,000.

Florida is also home to 80,000 licensed practical nurses and 35,000 pharmacists. It has an abundance of medical facilities, with more than 300 hospitals and double the number of clinics. Medical personnel are thoroughly trained in dealing with senior issues, and facilities are built with them in mind. The high density of medical facilities ensures you’ll never lack a hospital bed and that response times will be speedy.

Activities Abound

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With sun all-year-round, Florida is one of the best places for outdoor and sports activities. Retirees are often seen teeing off at the myriad of golf courses in the state. Florida golf courses are some of the best globally, and competition can be stiff even among seniors. With over 1,300 golf courses, you can spend the rest of your weekends going to each one and not finish in a decade.

More adventurous seniors take up sailing or diving. The waters of Florida are teeming with marine life, and traversing the waters —whether above or below — is a great experience. Grab a fishing rod and spend a day fishing. You can buy a boat or rent out one of the thousands of charter boats available. Activities don’t stop once the sun goes down. Florida is home to a flourishing nightlife, encompassing hundreds of bars and lounges catering to seniors.

In the end, Florida has made it a point to cater to its senior residents. While the lack of taxes is the primary reason retirees are flocking to the state, there are many secondary reasons to stay.

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