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5 Budget-Friendly Hacks for Cleaning Your Home

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You have the time to clean, but not the budget to buy fancy antibacterial, extra-strength and organic cleaning supplies. Good news for you: there are alternatives you can use to keep your home sparkling clean without worrying about the cost ;.

Here are some cleaning hacks you can try while on a tight budget:

Decluttering can spark joy.

Sometimes, being able to control the clutter at home can be one of the best ways to make your place more habitable. Doing something as simple as putting stuff in their right place will liven up your place. To give you an example, try doing the KonMari method, which was popularized by Japanese minimalist lifestyle guru Marie Kondo. Discard those that served their purpose (but don't forget to thank them) and retain those still of use to you. This rather simplistic system lets you organize your home better without the need to buy new shelves and organizers.

Baking Soda is your best friend.

If you want something gentle but is also good for scrubbing, baking soda is the chemical for you. This cookie ingredient can eliminate tough and persistent stains that linger on your plastic containers, kitchen surfaces and even baked-on trays and pans. It can also be used as a deodorizer; sprinkle it onto musty upholstery, pet beds or leave it inside the fridge. The smell just gradually goes away.

Baking soda is simply the gift that keeps on giving. It can help you in a tight spot and help you clean a tight spot. What more can you ask for?

Vinegar is a powerful alternative.

To most people, white vinegar can work as a buttermilk substitute or as an ingredient for dipping sauces. However, its acidic properties make it a viable substitute cleaning agent. For unclogging drains, pour baking soda into the pipes, first, and then the vinegar. The chemical reaction made by these two will break down what's clogging the drain. Diluting vinegar with water, on the other hand, can be used to clean up spills and bring a streak-free shine on your mirrors and windows.

Vinegar also works as an effective disinfectant; just spray it on surfaces prone to collecting germs and wipe it away with your trusty cleaning towel.

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Lemon packs a fruity punch.

If you want the cleaning powers of vinegar without the rather strong scent, then lemon is the way to go. Using a solution of lemon juice and water will bring out the sheen in your glasses, windows and mirrors. It's also effective in cleaning metals, such as sinks. Its peel can minimize the odors of your garbage disposal unit, leaving your kitchen fresh and your garbage disposal unit still fully functional. Consider this fruity alternative if you have some lying around.

… Or don't let anything get dirty.

Sometimes, the best way to clean up your home is to not let it get dirty in the first place. Maintain your home's cleanliness by adding daily cleaning to your routine, from simple wiping, vacuuming to dusting. Why spend money and energy cleaning your home if there's nothing to clean?

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