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5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

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As technology changes rapidly over time, the digital marketing landscape constantly evolves and changes to give way to newer and better innovations. With this, it is now more important to keep up with these trends to ensure your brand remains relatable to your customers and followers. If you want to stay ahead and cut above the clutter, you have to be on a constant lookout for trends so you don’t limit brand reach and repetition.

Innovations and technology have shaped how brands are perceived online by their target markets. It also has helped change the gameplay on how brands can market their products to stay on top of their competition. Innovative digital marketing trends are priorities for business owners this 2020 because it aids in brand recall and brand reputation.

To help you with your marketing strategy, here are the top marketing trends you shouldn’t miss this 2020.

Search Engine Optimization Is Still King

Are you on a lookout for search engine optimization (SEO) services in your area? If yes, then you probably know the importance of SEO in your business. Being on top of the search engine rankings remains important to gather brand awareness because most consumers won’t even look past the first five lines of search engine results.

SEO is important in getting quality clicks that can be converted into sales. It is also integral to ensure that organic search because it increases the quality and quantity of your website traffic. Optimizing content and quality can also aid to improve the site rankings in the organic section of search engine pages.

Artificial Intelligence Is A Breakthrough Marketing Trend

two men looking at dataBefore, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is only possible in sci-fi movies and books. Now, AI is possible in our everyday lives and is now becoming a breakthrough marketing trend. AI can be as elaborate as Knightscope K5 Robots of Microsoft and Uber that can patrol parking lots and large outdoor areas. But it can as simple as using a chatbot on your social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter.

With AI, it allows the brand to obtain and sustain competitive advantage. It can also pave the way for entering new business because it is expected that customers are now starting to look for AI-driven offerings.

Programmatic Advertising Is Always On-Target

Programmatic Advertising allows highly-targeted ads to permeate specific audiences. The automation of programmatic advertising is faster and more efficient in gaining higher conversion and lower acquisition costs. For example, if your brand is maternal milk, you can target soon-to-be mommies who like your brands.

Programmatic Advertising can even help you geotarget locations, buying habits, and even online periods so each ad served to customers are highly-targeted. Unlike traditional targeted advertising, programmatic advertising can help reach audiences based on their behavior, including buying habits, online presence, and lifestyle. This makes it more significant because it often results in a higher conversion rate.

Conversational Marketing Is An Often-Overlooked Trend

Although there are a lot of chatbots and AI-powered marketing trends cropping up, nothing beats conversational marketing. Building a relationship with your customers and followers is still very important because this turns brand awareness to brand loyalty. So, how does one do conversational marketing?

Conversational Marketing facilitates one-to-one and real-time connections between brands and customers. One of the most effective forms of conversational marketing is community management. As front-liners of the brand, community managers should be trained to create hyper-personalized spiels and humanized connections. Make it personal by using their name in responding and tweaking the spiels based on their questions.

Change is an integral part of digital marketing. It is very important to keep up with the trends online so your brand can break into the clutter and remain as a top-of-mind brand by customers. To do so, make sure to always search for new ways of marketing your brands without compromising the quality of your business.

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