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A Simple Guide for the Little Baker in You

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Are you one of those many people in New Zealand who watched and have been influenced by “Nailed It” and other baking shows? Because of the shows effort to show the struggle and eventual relative success of the contending bakers, many people have grown interested in baking.

These shows showcased how an average person can do fantastic, though still crude, pastries and cakes. If you are one of those people who have become inspired or one of those who have a dormant love for baking, then this discussion will help you quench your thirst for baking.

Why Bake Now?

Besides a great pastime, baking can be considered one of the most productive ways to kill your free time. Just like with cooking, baking will not only keep you busy, but its results are sure to provide you a sense of fulfillment and a full tummy. You should also bear in mind that baking is not only a solo endeavor but a bonding activity that you, your partner, or your kids can do together.

Some Helpful Benefits

Take note that you should take baking as a fun activity. But despite being a fun deed, baking can affect your self-improvement and make you become a better person. Some of the traits and human behavior that this activity can improve are the following:

  • Discipline and organizational skills – timing and exact measurement of ingredients are vital to make a respectable baked good (cookies, pastries, cakes, and many others);
  • Sense of communication – baking can improve communication among family members;
  • Grace under pressure – making you or any member of your family feel less rattled so that everyone can think clearly on their feet;
  • Patience – as with other activities that require time, this part is already self-explanatory; and,
  • Creativity – a fun way to combine science and the arts.

Essential Things You Need Before Baking


Now knowing some of the benefits of baking, here some of the things that you need before you start:

  • Moderately large space –  any place where you can mix baking ingredients and place the essential baking tools and equipment;
  • Various measuring cups – City centers have baking shops where you can buy them; and,
  • Necessary ingredients – some of the essential elements you need are flour, baking soda, sugar, salt, butter, milk, cornstarch, shortening, and eggs.

Other Important Things

Even before stocking on the essential baking tools and ingredients, you must also undergo basic orientation on how to bake. There are many videos online that can guide you. If you already know the basics, they can provide you with advanced techniques for you to have the best-tasting and good-looking cake or pastry. There are also essential recipe guides that you can try so that you can experiment and explore on your own.

The Joy of Baking

Aside from only being a pastime, you can dream to be part of the next “Great Kiwi Bake Off” like the Taranaki native Jeff Poole. To have a sense of joy and fulfillment are priceless rewards for being patient and composed throughout the process of baking.

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