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All You Need to Know About Process Air Heaters

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Both residential and commercial property owners use hot water or steam for cleaning and sterilization. When it comes to spending, it’s critical to understand where to make use of your valuable capital.

If you’re into manufacturing industry that requires dispensation of heat, reading this post will help you narrow down your search for the right process air heating systems for your business.

Fuel-Based Heaters

Heat can be transferred directly or indirectly into the material. With a fuel-based heater, you can obtain heat by burning solids, liquids, or gases. The fuels for combustion are the following:




natural gas




Combustion can be improved by increasing the oxygen content of the material. In most industries, they use fuel-based heaters in a variety of applications, such as:




Electric Process Heaters

These devices use electric current or an electromagnetic field directly or indirectly to produce the needed heat.

Direct heating: The current is being transmitted to the material to gain heat.

Indirect heating: A separate heat element is present where the current has direct contact. Then, the heat is transferred to the primary material.

Heat Recovery and Exchange Systems

Some industries have sophisticated pieces of machinery that require heat transfer. By utilizing a heat exchange system, such as the exothermic chemical reactor, the produced energy is being used to heat the other units.

Steam Generators

Steam generators bring lower costs compared to other heating systems. But due to the system’s complexity, there are some factors that can decrease heating efficiency. Operators take measures to improve the system’s performance. Moreover, the steam gives the heat by fuel combustion in a steam generator. Several manufacturers prefer this type of heating system because it produces low toxicity levels.

The Best Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Heating System

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Get Help from Experts

You have the freedom to do research. You can try a do-it-yourself approach to save some money. But, there’s nothing better than getting help from professionals. For instance, if you upgrade your heating system with the assistance of a professional, there’s a guarantee that you gain significant savings and operational costs.

With proper guidance and inspection of those people who are adept in the field, you can gain mental and emotional calmness that your system functions for a prolonged period, and you can maximize its usage.

Upgrade Your Equipment

It’s ideal to use an economizer in your heating system. It’s a system component that captures heat from the hot flue gases and sends the energy back to the boiler feedwater. This way, you are conserving the power and this method helps you save money by requiring less fuel for combustion.

Regular Maintenance

Inspect your pipelines regularly. Make sure there is no leak as this will require more energy for the equipment to produce the needed heat. When issues are neglected in the system, it leads to faster deterioration of the machinery. It will hurt your wallet when you need to buy another piece of equipment to continue your business.

Delivering the best outcomes for your business depends on the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of your systems. Choose the best heating system from a reputable company to ensure that you can control the surrounding atmosphere with complete safety and satisfaction.

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