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Four Best Work-from-home Jobs for Moms, Dads, Students, Retirees, Travelers, and More

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People are beginning to get the idea of a home-based job now. It was taboo to think about working flexibly from home before. No one even acknowledged it as a real job. But today, people—millennials, especially—are resigning from their nine-to-five jobs and looking for opportunities that will allow them to work in the comfort of their own homes. And why not? It pays almost the same, and it eliminates most of the reasons work is stressful.

A simple VoIP phone service for homes will open up a lot of work opportunities for those who do not want to go to an office, have a boss hovering around, or argue with workmates about undone projects and missed deadlines. Yes, it is infinitely less stressful to work with kids running around you in the kitchen counter than it is to work in an environment where your boss walks around you like a hawk.

At least at home, you can shut yourself in a room while your husband or a babysitter takes care of your child. Or you can leave and work in a quiet coffee shop. You can’t very well do that when you work in the office.

Here are seven of the most tried and tested online jobs that you may apply for:

Web Content Creation or Editing

A web content creator or editor works as a freelance writer. You are going to be contracted for your writing chops. You’ll write a variety of topics ranging from construction, travel, to medicine supplies—anything under the sun. The fee depends on the length of the article, your expertise, and the difficulty of the material. Most can make $30 per article, while some charge nearly $500 per assignment.

Online Survey Jobs

At $200 or more per month, answering online surveys won’t pay the rent or pay off all the bills, but it will help in bringing in a few hundred dollars each month. You don’t need to finish school or have a portfolio to start earning by answering surveys. Companies don’t require qualifications for this job posting. You just need to sign up for an account, start answering online surveys, and earn points that you can convert either to cash or gift cards.

Being Virtual Assistants

woman wearing headset working from homeCompanies hire virtual assistants (VAs) because they need someone to manage their emails, calendars, data entry, content writers, marketing strategies, etc. There is no limit to what companies may expect from virtual assistants, and they pay them well, too. VAs earn as much as $35 to $50 per hour to transcribe conference calls, manage social media accounts, respond to emails, prepare the presentation, and a variety of other customer-service-oriented tasks.


The so-called social media influencers started as bloggers. They write about travel, fashion, beauty, sports, technology, cooking, fitness and health, child-rearing, home improvement, DIY projects, relationships, money, and many more. They didn’t start off making thousands of bucks like they do when they already have thousands of followers. But once they made a name for themselves, they can charge through affiliate marketing, paid advertisements, and selling digital or physical products online.

Any of these online jobs can make you a fully functioning individual who can pay the rent, bills, and food without needing to answer to a boss every single day. You can be your own boss, manage your own time, work at your own pace, and accept more gigs that you can accommodate. Home-based jobs have revolutionized and freed workers, giving them the option to be self-employed.

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