Business as Usual: Virtual Concerts and Other Entertainment Trends in 2021

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The entertainment industry has always been thriving. However, since 2020 has brought the physical world to a standstill, trendsetters, celebrities and influencers have started seeking shelter in cyberspace. Digital activities are on the rise more than ever, and some of these are developments of current popular trends in the entertainment sector.

Here are some of the top entertainment trends to watch in 2021— and beyond.

Virtual Concerts

Just as talent managers have switched to software management solutions to keep in contact and make their partners stay afloat, many musical artists have taken steps to remain relevant and connect with their fans online. Most of them are filming their own concerts, and consumption has been phenomenal.

Over 800 million people are watching live streams from different celebrities every day on Facebook and Instagram alone. Meanwhile, popular streaming platform, Twitch, set a record for April, hosting over 1.6 billion hours of live content consumed, with more than 17 million of those hours involving live music streams, a new genre on the platform.

Because of these figures, experts predict the trend to continue growing, with 74 percent of live stream viewers saying they’re likely to continue to watch live streams even after live concerts return. Over 70 percent of these viewers also said they’d be willing to pay for live shows. As restrictions begin to ease, musicians are likely to see opportunities for entertainers to perform in socially-distanced small venues, which is a far cry from what big celebrities are accustomed to, paving the way for live concerts to grow in popularity in the new decade.

Streaming Services Take Over

Popular video streaming services, like Netflix, have brought the industry into the mainstream, with experts estimating the sector’s value to reach $100 billion in 2025. It shouldn’t be a surprise that it has become a trend you should look out for in 2021. Paid over the top (OTT) streaming services have been popping out everywhere, including Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours have become a new trend since avid travelers are forced to stay at home, leaving them with no choice but to explore the world and their surroundings online. Thanks to technological advancements and innovation, staying at home is now more enjoyable than ever because you can access the official website of famous tourist spots and explore their beauty in the convenience and safety of your own home.

Virtual tourism provides users the chance to take virtual tours of world-famous attractions through combinations of videos, still images with multimedia like narration or music, and sound effects — offering an immersive experience. Although it’s impossible to entirely replicate the experience of immersing and enjoying yourself in a new location, VR technology can change that by offering the ability to preview destinations before booking a trip, giving travelers the chance to see what they’re getting into before taking the trip.

Online Album Launches

Album launches are extravagant events that professional musicians hold to spread awareness of their newly released music and often hold events with thousands of attendees. However, due to the restrictions, musical artists are given no choice but to bring it online. Many famous artists, including Diplo, Lady Gaga and Lil Wayne, released new albums last 2020 online, hosting their album launches on online webcasts or launch parties where people can Zoom or Skype in and join. Musicians have been recording and releasing online party videos during their launch.

This growing trend also has brought these musical artists and their audience closer as most opt to build-up their album launches by shooting quick and short videos with their fans, promoting their upcoming album launch. Others have hosted online contests to bring more awareness to their albums. Holding online album launches has become one of the fastest-growing trends in the entertainment industry, allowing artists to save millions and reach hundreds of thousands to millions of their followers.

Live Streaming

youtube videos

Since one of the measures governments have implemented worldwide to contain the spread of the virus has been social distancing, large social gatherings have become limited. That’s why influencers, musicians, and other entertainers have turned to online platforms to continue engaging with their fans — making live streaming a prevalent choice among many. Using popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter for entertainment grew exponentially in 2020, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down at the start of the new decade.

Lockdowns and other restrictions may have slowed down the entertainment business. But with relevant technology, musicians, managers and other artists continue to entertain the people. And that means revenue can still pour in. Whether you’re a manager or an artist, use these trends to help fans discover fresh ways to be inspired, comforted and thrilled.

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