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Details that Make Your Cakes Stand Out

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Aside from making the perfect cakes, a serious cake business should also focus on the non-baking side of the business. Get into the big leagues by focusing on aspects of your business that move you from hobbyist to pro.

Perfect Packaging

Your products are sold with packaging, so why not make them your own? Design your packaging, make sure your logo is prominent, add essential details, and find cardboard packaging manufacturers to realize your design. Packaging should keep your products safe while still allowing them to be visible. You’ll need thousands of cupcake boxes is singles, four, and six.

Custom packaging signals to your clients that you are running a serious business — one with a more permanent outlook since you took the effort to make your boxes. Aside from your logo, packaging should also have your essential details like a website, phone number, or social media account, so potential clients can quickly get in contact with you.

Non-edible Display

Cake toppers, display figurines, and other decorative elements on the cake could be done in a non-edible medium. Of course, you can use fondant for all these things, but sometimes a client will want to preserve memories in a more permanent medium. Learn how to work with resin or better yet, buy a small 3D printer. You’ll soon be making cute figurines that might not be edible, but they’ll serve as a memento of a special event in your client’s life.

Cake toppers with names and greetings could quickly be done with a cut and print machine (printer-cutter), board stock, and edible glitters. The machine cuts out the design, and all you need are the right boards. Just make sure to ask your clients if they want their displays edible or if they want them to be more permanent.

Printed Cake Boards

Adding another image as the cake slowly gets cut up is adding icing on the cake. Instead of revealing the usual cake board, print an image on your board and cover it with a clear acetate sticker. The image should be related to the occasion or the overall design and would be a welcome surprise for your clients.

Adding this level of detail into your cakes will punctuate the efforts you made in creating the cake, even going above and beyond for your client’s satisfaction. Printed cake boards can also reveal surprise messages or funny jokes/images that your client provides explicitly for the occasion.

In-store Candles

Couple choosing candles in supermarket, shopping

From baby showers to significant corporate events, you should be able to provide your clients with the right candles for the occasion. While most celebrants would be satisfied with the usual cake candles, others might want sparklers and fancy effects. Just make sure to try out the more fancy candles and make sure they won’t be starting any fires.

Sometimes the way to make your bakery stand out can’t be found in the kitchen. Do as the pros do and pay attention to minor details that will make your cakes unforgettable.

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