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Hobbies You Can Turn into a Profitable Business

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Doing something that takes the stress, loneliness, and all types of negative feelings out of your system is a good thing to have. Hobbies are designed to lift the weight the real world’s circumstances have put on all of us.

You look forward to weekends to dedicate hours doing what you love, and you come into a new week feeling refreshed and inspired.

But can there be more to our hobbies? If we want them. If you’re working a corporate job, it’s more than likely that facing a computer all day isn’t what you imagined yourself doing while you were a kid with a head full of dreams. Or maybe that’s what you wanted all along.

You envisioned yourself as a singer, a painter, or an astronaut traversing space. Luckily, we don’t have to let our dreams go as we age. We can still engage in our hobbies and develop new ones.

We can also turn those hobbies into income-earners. Compared with skill, passion, and experience, you’re up for a good run in turning a hobby or two into a job.

Wondering which hobbies are profitable today? Take a look at this list of hobbies we created to give you an insight:

1. Writing

Writing is a hobby that is not impossible to transform into a way to make money for the skilled ones. Businesses in every industry require the skills of different types of writers to keep the business running.

You can be engaging in technical writing as a hobby, but this hobby can be something profitable. Technical industries need people who can document their procedures, manufactured products, and many more into words that can be digested by people in the same industries as them.

Worry not, for even if you’re not into technical writing, you can still make money off writing for blogs, producing copy, website content, and social media content. Writing jobs can be found in freelancing platforms, and you can also pitch your skills to established media platforms online.

2. Illustration and Design

Illustrators and designers are sought after by different types of companies looking for individuals who can turn their brand into a pleasing image that attracts the attention of consumers. The average graphic designer earns $36 an hour. More depending on your experience and portfolio.

If you haven’t had clients in the past to assemble a portfolio, you can start doing work for lower costs or for free to build one. But you can still get jobs even without a portfolio. So, if temporarily selling your skills for a lower price doesn’t sit well with you, you can pitch your skills in with your personal samples.

3. Dancing

Dancing as a hobby has tons of benefits. It doesn’t only work as a way to destress; it’s also a way to sweat and engage in regular physical activity. It can also be turned into a job on the side or a full-time profession.

Lucky for you, the landslide popularity of video-sharing platforms like TikTok fueled the hype to learn how to dance. You can start your dancing lessons online by establishing a page where you can post dance tutorials and covers to garner followers.

Once you have the time, you can open slots for dance classes where people can sign up and learn by sessions.

4. Gardening

Gardening isn’t something you can only do for yourself. Having the time and patience to take care of plants is something not everyone has. If you have a green thumb, you can sell succulents online.

They’re popular nowadays with people spending more time at home and trying to make their indoor environments look and feel better. You know this because if you love plants, your home is probably filled with them.

You can rely on millennials who have taken a good liking for indoor plants in the last few years.

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5. Photography

Businesses and private individuals alike are willing to pay for the services of photographers to make their products and, in the case of people—experiences—look pleasing to the eye.

If you have a decent camera that you take random snaps with as you go about your day, you’re set up to become a freelance photographer. Your clients will depend on your niche. You can be an events photographer who focuses on weddings or one who takes marketing photos for campaigns.

No matter the niche, what will increase the chances of bagging a gig is your portfolio. So, make sure to showcase your skills through your past work.

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