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How to Increase Storage Space on Your iPhone

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Apple has really changed the mobile phone scene since the first iPhone launched in 2007. Everyone wanted this new and innovative device, regardless of how much it cost. Since then, more than 13 years have passed, but the iPhone is still the most-desired and most-bought mobile phone in the market. Now, there are 20 iPhone models and over 700 million users worldwide.

But of course, like any other gadget, the iPhone has its imperfections. Many users don’t particularly like some features or wish the device had more functions. One common pain that everyone with an iPhone can relate to is the lack of storage space. Unlike other mobile models, such as Android, you can’t add an SD card on your iPhone to expand the storage space. So, pretty much, you’re stuck with the storage capacity you purchased, whether 16GB, 32GB, 128GB, or for later models, 256GB.

But don’t worry. Just because you ran out of storage space on your iPhone doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. There are a lot of things you can do to increase your phone’s memory capacity. Here’s how.

Delete unused files

Browse through your iPhone and determine if you actually need all the files, photos, music, and applications you have. Chances are, you barely even use most of those data and they’re just lying there taking up space on your device. Delete applications and files you no longer need or want. Make sure you also delete its data in your settings. To do that, open your phone settings, go to “General”, click on “iPhone Storage” and tap “Manage Storage.” Choose the apps you want to wipe out and finally, select “Delete App.” That should erase all the data and information the app has stored on your phone, freeing up tons of storage space.

Some applications you want to keep might be taking up a whole ton of storage space. If you don’t want to delete them, you can opt to clear the application’s cache, clean up files, or remove duplicates on apps like iTunes or your photo library.

Move files to a different device

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Though you cannot expand your iPhone’s memory by installing an SD card, you can transfer your files to another device. Using your iTunes, transfer photos, messages, notes, reminders, and other data from your phone to your computer. Then store them into a hard drive or USB flash drive for safekeeping. After copying the files, you may still need to access your iPhone and manually delete those files you’ve successfully backed up.

Take advantage of iCloud

Apple does not allow you to install a separate memory card on your device. But it does have iCloud, a feature where you can store your data on a cloud instead of your phone. Many iOS applications can be enabled to store data on iCloud. So all you have to do is to turn it on. Go to your settings and access “iCloud.” You’ll see all the applications there that can use iCloud to store their data and documents. Turn on the buttons so that they can back up their data in your cloud and enjoy more storage space. This should free up your phone’s memory. But do note that iCloud space can also fill up. You can opt to purchase more space for a certain amount from Apple.

Storage space has always been a concern for Apple users. But there are plenty of ways you can free up storage space. Take these tips and clean your phone memory so that you can make room for more essential applications and files.

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